Master These 5 Moves for *Major* Total-Body Toning

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Welcome to the third workout for Week Three of Well+Good’s (Re)New Year Challenge! For this one Kara Liotta—the creative director at FlyBarre—has designed a barre-inspired routine that’ll help you tone from head to toe. The best part? It has longevity written all over it.

“It’s a low-impact style of workout,” she says. “You’re not jumping around a lot. [So], you can deepen your workout in a way that’s easy on your joints and very sustainable. It’s the type of thing that helps you train for everything else. If you run races or do Tough Mudders, strengthening all of these smaller muscles is super important for longevity in every aspect.”

Read to get started? Read on for Liotta's go-to longevity practice.

Total-body killer workout

Do the workout once through. You'll need some space in your home to get sweaty, a miniband, mat, and a set of 3- to 5-pound dumbbells.

1. Wide second pulse

Do 90 seconds of pulsing.

Squat with your feet wide and toes turned out, keeping your tailbone tucked. Squeeze your glutes as you pulse knees out and in 1 inch. Repeat for 90 seconds.

2. Standing obliques

Do 3 sets of 1 minute per side.

Stand with feet at shoulder-width distance, holding one dumbbells in each hand. Simultaneously bend over toward your left side, keeping your feet in place and core engaged while pressing right arm over right ear and extending arm. Return to start.

3. Bicep extension

Do 3 sets of 12 reps.

Stand with feet at shoulder-width distance holding dumbbells at 90-degree angle, elbows next to side body with palms up. Extend arms out to a low “V” and return back to start for 1 rep.

4. Tricep push-up with modified side plank

Do 3 sets of 10 reps per side.

Start lying on your side with knees stacked and bent, heels in line with glutes, bottom arm hugging rib cage, and top arm on floor in front of body. Press into the floor, extending top arm, to push upper body up into a side pushup, and then return to floor for one rep. Do 10 reps, then move into a side forearm plank for 10 seconds. Repeat on opposite side for one set.

5. Miniband side knee drive

Do 1 minute per side.

Start lying on left side propped up on left forearm, knees stacked, with miniband above knees. With flexed feet, pull top knee forward to front arm, and then kick back and straighten leg on a 45-degree diagonal behind your for one rep. Keep tension in the miniband at all times as you move back and forth fluidly.

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