This Is the Hand Sanitizer for People Who Hate Hand Sanitizer—and You Can Get It on Amazon

Photo: Touchland
Of all the beauty products worth getting excited about, never did I think I would find myself feeling deeply passionate about a hand sanitizer. But then, I met Touchland.

The brightly colored rainbow of bottles showed up on my desk a few weeks ago, and immediately became a forever staple in my everyday tote bag (not only because they come with a convenient little clip that makes 'em damn near impossible to lose). Think of these as cooler, millennial-ified versions of the Purel your mom was constantly forcing you to squirt on your hands in middle school. The brand launched in Barcelona in 2010, and came over to the U.S. in 2017, and I can't believe it took me this long to find my sanitizing soulmate. Seriously—I have never been a "hand sanitizer person" (that's a thing, right?), but now I don't go anywhere without it... and use it at least 10 times a day.

Hand sanitizer generally gets a bad rap for drying out the skin on your hands,  which is an issue that Touchland's ingredients are meant to combat. It's got the usual alcohol in there to help kill germs, but is also made with radish root and aloe vera, which both have antimicrobial and moisturizing properties, plus lemon and lime essential oils. It sprays into a mist instead of globbing on like a puddle of glue, and isn't sticky at all which definitely puts it in a league of its own compared to other products in its category.

Then there's the scents. Each color of the rainbow corresponds to a different fragrance, and all of them are really fun (and admittedly remind me a little bit of the flavored vodka I used to drink in college). There's aloe vera, mint, watermelon, citrus, forest berry, lavender, and vanilla cinnamon, and a fragrance-free option for anyone who doesn't want their hands smelling like a literal snack.

The watermelon has become my go-to—the scent is just happy, and makes me feel like my hands have spent all day in Dylan's Candy Bar (even though they probably just spent the day on the subway and in our offices). But I'm not the only one in the Well+Good office who has become enamored with these magical little personal hygiene products. Beauty and fitness director Ali Finney is the proud owner of all eight scents (but aloe is her favorite because it's "herby and green smelling"), while beauty and fitness Editor Rachel Lapidos is a die-hard user of the vanilla cinnamon option. "I like the sanitizer because it's a sweet scent, looks cool on my desk, and dries quickly... unlike the regular messy stuff that you always have to share the dripping remnants of with anyone who’s near you," she says. As the person who sits next between these two people and has to look and smell both scents all day, I agree with all of the above.

At $12 a pop, these little cuties admittedly aren't cheap. But you can feel good about dropping that amount of coin to keep your hands clean, because the brand donates five percent of profits to send sanitizing solutions to countries where water is scarce and basic hygiene is hard to come by. And since you only need a spritz or two for it to do its job, one bottle lasts a really long time. Plus, they're available on Amazon (for $16), so free shipping here you come. Now, if only I could find a Tinder date I liked as much as I like Touchland's hand sanitizers, my life would truly be complete.

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