If You’re in the Market for a Blush, Look No Further Than Tower 28’s Tinted Balm

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Blush is to the makeup world what green buds are to the tree branches come April and May: A sign that spring has sprung and that the pallid palette of winter can be retired for yet another year. And the one to beat this year: Tower 28 Beach Please Luminous Tinted Balm ($20), which comes in three new shades (a peach, a terracotta, and a berry) and makes us want to chuck our coats in the back of our closets and pretend that March 21 has already arrived.

While blush can be intimidating in the pan (neon...for my face? wowowow), makeup artists are quick to remind us that you should actually opt for a brighter color. "As far as selecting a color goes, I say bright—as long as your foundation is matched right [to your skin tone], any color blush that makes you feel alive is the right choice for you," makeup artist Molly R. Stern previously told Well+Good.

The reason this rings true is that when a blush is dusted or dabbed onto skin, any pigments that are put into a formula for it to feel less intimidating while in the packaging can actually make skin look dulled down (think: white and grey pigments). While it can feel like a big move to take a brush that's dusted with fuchsia onto skin that you just applied foundation on, once it's on skin, it can give a more natural effect than a shade that's tamped-down in the packaging. So seriously, buy the new fuchsia shade, you won't be sorry.

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Shop now: Tower 28 BeachPlease Luminous Tinted Balm ($20)

Shop now: Tower 28 BeachPlease Luminous Tinted Balm ($20)

The Tower 28 BeachPlease Luminous Tinted Balm ($20) is so easy to use because it's really a tinted balm that you can swipe onto the tops of cheeks with fingertips alone (makeup artists love using products like this one on lids and lips as well). Because this product is oil- and wax-based, the heat from your fingers will melt it just enough so that when you tap it in a circular motion onto skin, it thins out and looks really natural and not at all like an '80s rock poster gone wrong. It's also made, in particular, for sensitive skin, so it won't provoke breakouts and actually can help better the health of skin if you wear it over time.

In fact, just a dab of blush is a quick way to fake the effect of a quick walk through the park that brings or a bike ride around the neighborhood, and the color wash on your cheeks puts things like dark eye circles to bed by bringing features on your complexion forward. So opt for one of the new hues or keep on swiping your Tower 28 favorites. Either way you won't be sorry.

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