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This Do-It-All Facial Spray Is the Perfect Midday Pick-Me-Up for Lackluster Skin

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There are multiple times throughout the day that my skin likes to remind me it needs a little bit of extra attention. After a sweaty lunch-time workout, when I've been walking around with a mask all day, or after I've been parked in front of the dry air of a heater or air-conditioner for hours on end, to name a few. But though these situations each have a different set of effects on my skin, when I want to quell any of them, I turn to the exact same product: Tower 28 Beauty SOS Daily Facial Spray ($28).

The"SOS" in the product's name stands for "save our skin," which is exactly what it does. The face mist is made with only three ingredients, which deliver on their promise to revitalize any complexion. The star of the show is hyphochlorous acid, a gentle disinfectant that acts as an antibacterial cleanser and also helps to soothe redness. The other two ingredients, water and sodium chloride, act as the "optimal delivery solution" for the acid to ensure your skin is reaping its full benefits every time you spritz it on.

Tower 28 Beauty SOS Daily Facial Spray

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Since it has both cleansing and hydrating properties, it's equally great for whisking away grease and dirt from oily skin and giving dry skin a little extra moisture. Plus, it's non-irritating, so can be used on sensitive complexions, too. I love to keep it in my bag (or on my coffee-table-slash-desk, now that "going out" isn't a thing anymore) and treat my skin to a spray whenever it starts to veer too far toward either end of the dry-oily spectrum. The formula works to rebalance it back to its base level of happiness... plus a little bit of extra dewiness. I especially love to use it after a workout, when my skin doesn't need a full wash (which will further dry out my already-dry skin), but does still need a little help getting clean. It's also great to apply under your mask, since its antibacterial properties will help to kill some of the maskne-causing bacteria that's hanging out under there.

Any time your skin needs a little reset—whatever that may look like—this is the stuff you'll want to reach for. Thankfully, my coffee table is an arm's length away.

Got maskne on your mind? Check out the video below to see how derms suggest dealing with it. 

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