The Puffy-Face Remedy That Tracee Ellis Ross Prefers Over a Jade Roller

Photo: Instagram/@traceeellisross

Tracee Ellis Ross has an impressive collection of skin-benefiting tools on hand to get a smooth, glowy complexion—and even though one of those is an always-trustworthy jade roller, there's a facial de-puffing device she says she likes even more (gasp!).

In a recent Instagram post, the Black-ish star let fans in on a routine she does while her stylist is working on her hair. And one of her favorite tools? The ReFa Carat Face—a facial massager that boosts circulation, enhances firmness, and helps beat fine lines with micro-currents from solar-derived energy. Basically, it makes her feel more youthful by the second: "Every swipe I get younger. 43, 42, 41... Guys, I'm like 12. Can you recognize me?" she says.

While she loves her beloved jade and micro-current rollers, she told a commenter the massager is her favorite: Not only does it feel great, but she also notes its de-puffing powers. Just like other tech-savvy beauty buffs, she discovered the product on Instagram—but despite its youth-ifying benefits, that's not her goal: "I have no interest in going back in time, but I’m always game for some self-care or a beauty treatment," she writes.

The next time your complexion is in need of a little love, do like this funny lady and give it a nice massage—and if Ross' tech solution isn't for you, there's always the DIY version to help you get glowing.

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