Tracy Anderson’s 4-Minute Core Sequence Is a Serious Ab-Blaster

Photo: Miranda Penn Turin
Tracy Anderson has helped tone some of the best abs in Hollywood—from Gwyneth Paltrow to Jennifer Lopez—and now she's sharing her go-to, ab-tastic workout exclusively with Well+Good readers for day one of her (Re)New Year takeover. (Here's the 411 on our super-inspiring, expert-led, five-week program, in case you missed it.)

But if you're gearing up for a standard crunch sequence, think again. (Anderson's goal for this week is to have you sweat every day, after all.) The dance cardio queen has crafted a full-core workout, with an emphasis on your transverse abdominals—AKA the deepest (and therefore hardest to target) muscles

"There's a reason the transverse abs are nicknamed 'the corset,'" she explains. "This plank sequence will work your entire core and help pull in your muscles across the entire midsection."

Her big tip? Make sure to keep your hips low, your back and neck super long, and your shoulders down. Even when it starts to hurt—and that's a when, not if—she says that's the most important time to focus on form.

Keep up with the video as best you can, but Anderson says to just do as many as you can—her goal is 30 reps of each move. "Feel free to add in any modifications your body needs, but use this video as a guide to what you can achieve," she says.

Ready to test yourself? Try out Tracy Anderson's four-minute ab-blasting sequence—video below!

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