Dance Break! Work It Out With Tracy Anderson’s J.Lo-Inspired Cardio Routine

Photo: Miranda Penn Turin
All week long you've majorly worked your legs, butt, abs, and arms in the name of the (Re)New Year challenge to move every day—and now, as a reward for all the sweat you've put in, Tracy Anderson wants you to party.

The dance cardio doyenne is sharing her most recent choreography—inspired by the workouts she's created with J.Lo over the years.

Afraid of a little two-left-feet syndrome? Anderson promises that anyone can do it—and even filmed an in-studio demo exclusively for Well+Good readers, so you can follow along. (The only other way you can learn the routine is by picking up a copy of her new TA VA Dance Party DVD.)

"It's like learning a new language—it seems impossible but you just keep moving, keep practicing, and you'll learn to pick it up," she says. "It's a low-impact dance burst that's perfect for any level because it's fun, easy to follow, and friendly on the joints."

As long as you stay on your toes (and find the performer within you) you'll get a great workout—she promises.

And although the week of rigorous at-home workouts from Anderson is now coming to an end, she urges you to keep it going and challenge yourself—can you sweat every day of 2017? (The good news: You can keep using her Well+Good workout videos for reference.)

Scroll down to see Anderson's full at-home dance cardio workout—and check back this Sunday, January 8th for to see what's in store for the next week of the (Re)New Year program!

Missed this whole week? No problem—check out every day of workouts and start sweating!

The (Re)New Year series is not a "New Year, New You" program. (We think you're pretty great as is!) Instead, we tapped the biggest and best influencers across the wellness space to help kick off the New Year in the best possible way. Between heart-racing workouts, DIY beauty recipes, and killer confidence advice, get ready to have your happiest and healthiest year yet.

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