This $9 Trader Joe’s Moisturizer Is Basically a Dupe for La Mer

Photo: Getty Images/Cavan Images
I feel like a day doesn't go by without another celebrity crediting their flawless complexion to La Mer. While it would nice to add the cult-fave moisturizing cool gel cream to my own beauty #shelfie, there's no way it's ever going to happen: a tiny one-ounce tub of it is $175. I guess the so-called "miracle broth" of ingredients come at a price. But thanks to Trader Joe's, I might be able to get super-hydrated, silky-smooth skin sans the sky-high price tag.

As of late, the healthy grocer has been majorly amping up its beauty section, and the latest addition is a much more affordable dupe of the highly covetable product. Just like La Mer's, Trader Joe's version—the Ultra Hydrating Gel Moisturizer, which is just $9 for 2.5 ounces—also has a light, aqueous formula. While both promise to get rid of dryness to promote healthy, radiant skin, TJ's version might be even more gentle for sensitive skin, as it's fragrance-free.

So, what does TJ's use to bring on the skin-boosting benefits? The budget-friendly tub contains soothing ingredients like green tea, birch leaf, milk thistle extracts, and cooling aloe leaf juice. As for locking in moisture, it uses sodium hyaluronate—AKA hyaluronic acid, the master skin plumper and hydrator. You can use the product both morning and night—or whenever you feel like you need it throughout the day—for the ultimate glow, all without needing to put a dent in your bank account to get it.

When you're at Trader Joe's stocking up on beauty products, don't forget to grab a few of the store's most popular food items, too: the umami mushroom seasoning, mini mochi treats for healthy snacking, and some broccoli and kale pizza crust.

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