News Flash: Trader Joe’s Now Has a Turmeric Chocolate Bar

Photo: Abby Maker for Well+Good
Everyone may be freaking out over the new cauliflower crust pizza at Trader Joe's, but if you have a sweet tooth, there's something else you'll want to keep an eye out for when waiting (and waiting) in line. Spotted on the shelves: a golden spiced milk chocolate bar that's liberally infused with cult fave super spice turmeric.

I make it my business to keep up with all things anti-inflammatory, so I raided the shelves at TJ's and bought enough turmeric-infused bars for the whole office to try. Because sure, it sounds healthy. But taste is everything. Besides turmeric, the bar also has cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, crisped quinoa, dried coconut, cocoa butter, and curry powder—on top of, you know, the milk chocolate.

"It tastes like a healthier version of a Crunch bar."

After conducting a taste test, the overwhelming majority of Well+Good staffers gave positive reviews of the bars: "It tastes like a healthier version of a Crunch bar," says audience development associate Celine Cortes, adding that she likes its mix of sweet and salty.

"I am usually a dark chocolate girl—80 percent or bust—so I thought that I'd find this super sweet. But the curry spices balance it out in a way that's surprisingly tasty," deputy editor Rebecca Davis says. "I also liked the bit of crunch that it had. It's no hot, steaming mug of golden milk, but if chocolate's your treat of choice, you might have a new fave."

Not everyone gave it such a glowing review, though. You won't be finding this new snack in client services manager Ben Adams' grocery basket anytime soon. "It's a little funky. I'd rather go with dark chocolate," he says.

But overall, Team W+G gave the golden milk chocolate bar a thumbs-up, taste-wise. Is it good for you, though? On the one hand, it is full of anti-inflammatory ingredients, but it also has 21 grams of sugar—four grams more than what you'd find in a Hershey bar. So while it may be a delicious way to get more super-nutritious turmeric in your life, it isn't exactly healthy. (Sigh.)

On the other hand, this chocolate bar is sugar-free and packed with adaptogens. And if you're trying to quit the sweet stuff, here's how to handle sugar cravings, Kate Middleton-style.

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