Bounce Your Way To a Better Mood With This 15-minute Trampoline Workout

Do you ever feel like someone has cast a sleepy spell on you in the middle of the day? If you’re struggling to keep your eyes open or find yourself staring at the wall more than anything else—it might be time for a midday energy boost. The good news is that, in the most recent episode of Good Moves, fitness instructor Collete Dong, founder of the Brooklyn-based fitness studio Ness, guides viewers along with an energizing workout. The surprise twist? The whole workout takes place on a mini-trampoline.

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Mid-day fatigue can be the biggest bummer. It can feel tempting to curl up into a nap (especially if you work from home and your bed or couch is, like, right there). Although you should nap if possible,  a quick burst of energy from exercising could also be the antidote. According to Johns Hopkins medicine, just 15 minutes of exercise can wake up your brain and body and help you get back to your day. The reason exercise can help you wake up? Endorphins are released when you move your body in moderate or vigorous activity. This hormone stimulates your body, reducing symptoms of fatigue and promoting alertness. 

Additionally, a 2018 study published in the German Journal of Sports Medicine examined the effects of eight weeks of mini-trampoline jumping sessions. Researchers found that running performance was improved after the study period and that it was an effective method for training at an elevated heart rate. Additionally, trampoline workouts can improve heart function, bone density, and strength, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

In this 15-minute boost, Dong takes viewers through a rebounder trampoline workout that can raise heart rates and moods. Ready to add some spring to your step? Pull out that mini-trampoline and tune in. 


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