Newsflash: Transitions Lenses Now Have Serious Style Cred—and Wellness Benefits

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We’re living in the heyday of trendy eyeglasses, can't you see? (Had to.) Reaching for your glasses is no longer a last resort on mornings when your peepers are tired. Rather, you don your choice of black cat-eyes, wire aviators, or tortoiseshell frames on a daily basis because you look and feel rad.

Need proof rocking specs has become a major fashion statement? Mega-accomplished babes like Lupita Nyong’o, Oprah, and Kate Winslet walk the red carpet in outfit-making frames, and high-profile designers are working with enduring eyewear makers to help disrupt the industry.

Case in point: Transitions lenses recently launched a next-level style initiative with new style colors and style mirrors lens designs. The photochromic lenses go from clear to dark to protect your eyes when you're outdoors (and from dark to clear when you're indoors, to help protect your eyes while you’re staring at your laptop for eight-plus hours a day). How's that for a wellness perk?

Here's the gist: Now, instead of doing the awkward fumble between your glasses and sunglasses (err, all day), you can make a hands-free swap from chic intellectual to your fave mirrored aviators look, while being mindful of your eye health, to boot. Insert praise hands emoji here.

Scroll down for 3 legit wellness benefits that come with upgrading your glasses with Transitions lenses.

transitions lenses

1. Upping your style game

Okay, so maybe appearing fashionable isn't a wellness benefit, but look good, feel good, right? And the new high-fashion-inspired Transitions lenses styles are on point.

With new color options, you can add 24/7 protection and vibrant color to your daily accessory. Dazzling colors include sapphire, amethyst, amber, and emerald (totally vibing with your crystal collection)—AKA, they'll look great with your OOTD.

You can also turn your prescription glasses into of-the-moment mirrored sun shields, which is perfect for midday (read: sundrenched) walks around the block. Add a mirrored lens to any new or pre-owned frames for hassle-free protection against UV rays and harmful blue light emitted by your electronics (more on that below) in colors including super-flattering gold, earthy green, chill blue, and more.

transitions lenses

2. Protecting your eyes seamlessly outdoors

Your statement-making glasses already earn high style marks, but with an easy lens upgrade, they'll work double time protecting your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays.

"It’s so important to protect your eyes in the sun (and outdoors in general)!" says Jennifer Lyerly, optometrist at Triangle Visions Optometry. "Short term, UV rays from the sun can lead to painful sunburn of the eyes or eyelids called photokeratitis. Over time with chronic exposure, UV damage can lead to serious diseases like macular degeneration and cataracts." AKA, not anything you want to mess with.

Lyerly is a fan of Transitions lenses (and prescribes them to her patients) because by automatically adapting to changing light conditions, they're a one-and-done strategy for eye protection. Because yes, even if you’re in the sun for short spurts, you should still be shielding your eyes from damaging rays.

And UVA and UVB aren't the only rays you need to be worried about. Transitions lenses can also protect your eyes from harmful blue light outdoors. “The sun is the largest source of harmful blue light, so it’s important to stay protected from it outdoors, even on cloudy days when you don’t think you need protection,” she says. “Without protection, harmful blue light from the sun can cause eyestrain and eye fatigue.”

transitions lenses

3. Reducing your blue-light exposure indoors

Speaking of blue light, if you’re a 9-to-5er, you likely stare at a computer for most of the day (same same), and excessive exposure to the blue light emanating from your devices can wreak havoc on your eyes.

“One major cause of ocular discomfort and vision issues is exposure to harmful blue light,” Dr. Lyerly says. “In today’s world, we’re spending more time than ever on digital devices, which is dangerous because long-term exposure to harmful blue light can cause eyestrain, eye fatigue, and light sensitivity."

And don't confuse "eye fatigue" with run-of-the-mill sleepiness. "Studies indicate that chronic [blue-light] exposure over time might even increase the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which can lead to blindness,” Dr. Lyerly says. So yeah, helping to protect your eyes (with blue light-reducing Transitions lenses) from your daily Instagram scroll is a big deal.

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