The 8 Travel Gadgets That Will Make Your Next Trip Less Stressful

Photo: Instagram/@away

Nothing will snap you out of a blissful pre-vacation state faster than being on a plane that's 27th in line for takeoff. Not. Fun. At. All.

Okay, so the journey to actually get to your life-changing yoga retreat might not be full of Zen, but there are ways to remove some of the unpleasantness from traveling—like making sure you always have power for your phone and packed headphones that are better quality than the free ones from the airline.

Even if you're using your trip to unplug, you can bring along a few high-tech products that promise to make any trip easier.

Scroll down for our 8 gadget must-haves for stress-free travel.

For the ideal traveling scenario, bring one of these three must-have essential oils and the black sneakers you'll want to wear to the airport.

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