9 Travel Hacks That Made 2017 Less Stressful

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In the simplest of terms, 2017 has been quite a year. It's been pretty stressful and emotional at times, between political instability and seemingly unending and devastating natural disasters. Whether current events were a motivating factor to get you dreaming of an exotic wellness retreat or you simply worked up the courage and vacation days (plus savings) to embark on the solo trip at long last, the time to hit the road, boat, or friendly skies is very clearly now.

Traveling can be stressful, though. From middle seats and missed connections to long lines and lost luggage, that trip to Tulum, Mexico, sounds a lot less enticing when you consider the disasters you could encounter along the way. But there are ways to find calm and even relaxation as you embark on a trip.

Here are 9 crucial things to remember as you plan your next getaway.

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1. You should absolutely pack your crystal collection in your carry-on

Maybe don't throw all your stones in your roller, but there's one crystal in particular that can help ease the stress of not getting TSA PreCheck. (If crystals aren't your jam, essential oils can help, too.)

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2. The key to curing jet lag could be as simple as kicking off your shoes

Forget IV drips and Advil: Here's why something called "earthing" could help get you back on track. And you don't need anything beyond your own two feet.

ideas for feeling better after plane travel
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3. The moments immediately after you deplane are crucial

The most stressful part of your journey is over, and now there are four things travel pros say you need to do ASAP. They are...

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4. You can, in fact, Kondo your suitcase

How can your vacation spark joy if your too-plentiful socks are scattered and your toiletries—also overpacked—explode en route?

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5. There's one thing you need to pack to get a killer workout in your hotel room

Adriana Lima loves using it—and it takes up less space than a pair of sneakers.

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6. There are ways to enjoy local cuisine while keeping your gut happy

Say sayonara to constipation, diarrhea, and other travel-related digestive woes with this expert-approved advice.

Elle Macpherson travel secrets
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7. What you wear in transit matters

You want to look polished—but you need to be cozy. Follow Elle Macpherson's lead, and find your own no-fail travel outfit.

cate blanchett skin secrets
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8. There's one thing you should always wear while flying

Save your skin at 35,000 feet with Cate Blanchett's favorite travel hack.

Travel-friendly bath accessories
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9. No need to downgrade your bath habits when you're away from home

In fact, a destination bath can be on par with—or better than—the dreamy ones you're accustomed to in your own tub. And, bonus: The luxe accessories you need in order to make it happen are carry-on approved.

If you're hitting the road this holiday season, here's why you should embrace kindness throughout the chaos. And here's why you don't have to fly first-class to travel like a celebrity, according to Hailee Steinfeld. 

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