We Asked, You Answered: These Are the Best Travel Hacks for Your Next Flight

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All it takes is simple trick to completely change your travel experience for the better. Need proof? I learned how to make my own frothy matcha latte with a shaker bottle instead of buying one at the airport and I've saved a small fortune. But the ability to DIY your own wellness beverage on the go is just the beginning.

We asked Well+Good readers to share their favorite travel hacks on Instagram and got some great responses. Sure, bringing your own wipes for a germ-free flight is always a good idea, but so is packing an oversized scarf and powdered fruit. (Who knew?) These are all the tricks and tips you should know before your next vacation.

7 travel hacks that'll change the way you see the world


1. Bring a big, cozy scarf

"Bring a big, cozy scarf to use as a pillow or blanket—or as a face guard from random plane smells! Also, bring a banana to help with swelling during the flight." @erinmathen

2. Pack powdered fruits and a travel blender for smoothies

"Pack a travel blender and powdered fruits, like wild blueberries. Medical Medium has great smoothie recipes using powered fruits." @angelineknyc

3. Add a squeeze of lemon juice to your reusable water bottle

"Bring a reusable water and only fill it with a squeeze of lemon juice. That way you can get it through TSA with no problem and then fill the rest with water at your gate. Boom! In-flight lemon water." @julia_montoya

4. Stay hydrated without the pee breaks

"I bring a packet of electrolytes. That way you stay hydrated without having to get up 10 times during the flight!" @taresare

5. Bake up some healthy snacks

"For cross-country flights, make muffins ahead of time with almond flour, bananas, walnuts, rising agents, vanilla, and coconut oil. They keep out of the fridge for two days and you won’t have to eat the processed plane snacks." @emgerv

6. Freeze a smoothie or shake ahead of your flight

"Freeze your protein shake in a Ziploc bag. It will defrost in a few hours and you can pour it into a cup!" @amyjordanofficial

7. Bring your own tea bags

"I bring echinacea tea bags. The plane always has hot water." @melly_11

These travel hacks will make your life less stressful. And learn how to say goodbye to jet lag forever.

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