8 Treehouse Hotels Where You Can Spend the Night Fully Immersed in Nature

Photo: Treeful Treehouse Resort
Ever since the pandemic pushed us all to rediscover the outdoors by way of outdoor dining and activities, nature travel has also grown in popularity. For many, the initial safety need to spend more time outside rekindled an appreciation for nature. And now, plenty of people are making the conscious decision to trade vacations in crowded tourist destinations for sojourns to off-the-grid locales, seeking the kind of quiet solace that only time spent among natural surroundings can bring.

Our minds, bodies, and souls are hardwired to connect with nature. Research shows that exposure to nature can boost physical well-being, lowering blood pressure and reducing muscle tension. And other studies have shown that even just feeling connected to the natural world is deeply grounding, helping to combat stress, improve mood, and boost creativity.

The benefits of a trip to a stunning natural locale also extend to the sensory experience. Consider how you might associate the scent of fresh-cut grass, salty ocean air, or wildflowers with carefree memories of childhood—and how smelling these aromas again could transport you to that happy mindset. To similar effect, the melodies of nature (think: a babbling creek, rustling leaves, cicadas chirping) can soothe your nervous system, shifting you out of a fight-or-flight state and into a rest-and-digest one. Not to mention the added mental-health benefit of immersing yourself in all these sensory inputs while disconnecting from technology, given that many nature destinations don't have great cell service.

Treehouse hotels combine the benefits of a nature-centric escape and a unique accommodation with the creature comforts of a hotel room.

It's no wonder glamping and immersive nature experiences are growing segments of wellness travel. But for an even more direct immersion into nature, you can also take things a step further and spend a few nights in a treehouse. Now laying down roots in the wellness-travel industry, treehouse hotels combine the benefits of a nature-centric escape and a unique accommodation with the creature comforts of a hotel room. And for plenty of travelers who, as kids, dreamed of a secret treetop hideaway or perhaps even crafted one of their own, treehouse hotels could also spark some serious nostalgia.

Whether you're itching to live out that childhood dream or just looking to give your grown-up self some me-time in nature, a treehouse hotel could be just the thing for your next trip. Read on for eight hotels around the world with treehouse accommodations, allowing travelers to soak in all the feel-good energy of getting up-close and personal with nature.

8 treehouse hotels for a nature-immersive vacation

1. Treeful Treehouse Sustainable Resort (Nago, Japan)

Forest bathing originated in Japan, so it’s not surprising that Japan has also been an early adopter of this leafy trend. Located in the north of Okinawa, Treeful Treehouse Sustainable Resort puts serenity, sustainability, and natural scenery on the itinerary. Its sleek, individually designed structures—which boast hammocks, swings, and decks—are powered by solar energy. Guests also get to enjoy the sights and sounds of the nearby Genka River, which has some of the clearest waters in the country.

2. Playa Viva (Guerrero, Mexico)

PlayaViva Treehouse - © Kevin Steele / kevsteele.com. For Playa Viva

Proof that a soul-reviving getaway can be both playful and grounding, Playa Viva is an eco-resort that’s set on a mile of untouched beach on the Pacific coast of Mexico. The property invites guests to post up in bamboo treehouses created by Jorg Stamm in conjunction with a team of local craftsmen and hugged by swaying coconut palms. Beyond the bliss of the accommodations, vacations take shape through farm-to-fork meals, daily yoga classes, and other wellness rituals set in private cabanas on the white-sand beach.

3. Nayara Bocas del Toro (Isla Frangipani, Panama)

Nayara Bocas del Toro, an adults-only private island retreat in Panama, recently unveiled treehouses dreamt up by Bali-based sustainable designer Elora Hardy. Inspired by the lush landscape the resort calls home, each of the solar-powered accommodations is constructed from locally sourced bamboo and reclaimed hardwood. Because few things exude soulful luxury quite like washing away the day under the stars, outdoor jungle showers and soaking tubs come with the territory, too. It all feels very grown-up yet laced with a sense of whimsy that your inner child will love.

4. Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica (Inkaterra, Peru)

Few places on the planet boast a natural landscape quite as awe-inspiring as the Amazon rainforest. Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica sits deep in the heart of the lush Peruvian wilderness. Among the most unique elements of this leaf-shrouded eco-lodge is the 90-foot-high treehouse set on a platform that connects to the Inkaterra Canopy Walkway. With just 24 hours’ notice, the team will transform this remote cabin into a fantasy treehouse (with a working bathroom). Visitors can peep animals from high above the jungle floor while enjoying a chef-prepared meal before drifting off to sleep to the chirping of hundreds of native bird species.

5. Loire Valley Lodges (Esvres-sur-Indre, France)

In a region best known for wine and storybook chateaus but rife with leafy living potential, Loire Valley Lodges stands out as a relaxing choice for lovers of art, architecture, and nature. Situated on 750 acres of forest, each of the property’s 18 luxurious treehouse lodges was designed by a different contemporary artist and includes a nature-steeped terrace, many with a private sauna and hot tub. Forest-bathing outings and “lyrical hikes” led by a world-renowned tenor are up for grabs for guests, too.

6. Blackberry Mountain (Walland, Tennessee)

At rural-luxury getaway Blackberry Mountain, a stay in one of the property’s treehouse sanctuaries allows you to gaze upon the surrounding mountains from the top of the treetop canopy. Each treehouse also features ample creature comforts, including a cozy indoor seating area with floor-to-ceiling windows, cloud-like king bed for restful sleep, shower, bathtub, and private outdoor deck for soaking in the majesty of mother nature. On-site wellness experiences run the gamut, including breathwork classes and cold-plunge sessions that end with a cup of soul-warming ginger tea.

7. The Green O (Greenough, Montana)

When it comes to escaping the stresses of daily life to commune with nature, The Green O has a number of noteworthy credentials. This placid and polished adults-only hideout is located on a secluded patch of the 37,000-acre grounds of The Resort at Paws Up, within the lush Blackfoot River valley. And it boasts just 12 standalone accommodations. Among them is one “tree haus,” which gives the idea of a treehouse a grown-up glow-up. Floating 23 feet above the ground, the consciously crafted lodge is outfitted with floor-to-ceiling windows and two decks for foliage views at every turn. It’s the perfect place to reconnect with your travel companion or simply tap into the stillness of the tranquility-inducing setting.

8. Lovango Resort + Beach Club (St. John)

Tucked away on a private island overlooking Caneel Bay, yet easily accessible to St. John via a 10-minute boat ride, Lovango Resort + Beach Club is not your typical Caribbean getaway. The palm-fringed property has five luxury treehouses that exude an unmistakable sense of place thanks to tropical flora, colorful fauna, and vistas of the Caribbean Sea. While staying in the treetops, guests can start the day with coffee on the water-facing decks, unwind in living spaces cooled by trade winds, laze on hammocks, and rinse off in indoor/outdoor showers with pebbled floors.

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