Tripadvisor’s Top 10 Wellness Destinations in the US Want You to Have a Relaxing Summer Vacay

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In order to sufficiently unwind from the draining demands of your day job, the omnipresence of stress-inducing technology, and everything else that can affect your mental-health quality, simply going on vacation is no longer enough. Instead, folks need to travel for the intention of rejuvenation by going on retreats to find balance in addition to, you know, getting a break from their daily routines. In fact, 25 percent of travelers recently polled by TripAdvisor plan to take a wellness vacay in the next year. Don't know where to start (or stop) when it comes to searching for a relaxing wellness-filled paradise? The company just released its list of the top 10 destinations for wellness in the country.

To compile its selection, TripAdvisor pinpointed the locations that had the most searches related to wellness and travel (with applicable terms like wellness, self-care, and yoga retreat). Sunny California has three spots in the top 10 list, which is also populated with locales in Florida (a bona fide best haven), Hawaii, and a couple of New England gems.

No matter which location you choose, your getaway is sure to supply an abundance of nature, restorative spa treatments, and relaxing activities.

Find your next wellness vacation from TripAdvisor's top 10 in the country below.

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