Buckle Up: This Month’s Triple Conjunction in Taurus Could Rock Our Collective World

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The events of the past few years have forced us out of our comfort zones. Though we might be eager to return to familiarity, this summer promises at least one more surprise, courtesy of the cosmos. On July 31, innovator Uranus will meet up with the fated north node (an astrological point in the sky where the moon’s orbit intercepts the ecliptic plane) and action-oriented Mars, all in the sign of Taurus. And the energy of this triple conjunction in Taurus could point us toward a new path forward or shed new light on how to integrate the recent chaos.

What to expect from the conjunction of Uranus, Mars, and the north node in Taurus

In astrology, a conjunction blends the qualities of all parties involved—the cosmic version of the dynamic that might unfold at a group brunch. Just as a meal with your friends will have a different vibe than one with your grandparents, any conjunction also has a particular energy unique to the forces at play. In this case, that’s Uranus, which is the innovator, genius, and rebel; the north node, which tells us about destiny, life lessons, and the path to fulfillment; and Mars, which represents instinct and willpower. Taken together, Mars’s gusto, the north node’s personal growth, and Uranus’s electrifying ideas point to one theme: intense upward motion.

Taken together, Mars’s gusto, the north node’s personal growth, and Uranus’s electrifying ideas point to one theme: intense upward motion.

To return to the brunch analogy: The sign in which this triple conjunction is taking place, Taurus, is like the restaurant, contributing all of its own vibes, too. As a fixed Earth sign, Taurus is characterized by patience, sensuality, the physical body, nature, and perseverance. It doesn’t like change, but this conjunction seems to require it, with Uranus’s innovative energy supercharged by the fated north node. The resulting tension could act much like a volcano, churning underground until it finally erupts in a way that cannot be ignored.

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  • Tillie Eze, Tillie Eze is an astrologer, Reiki Master of the Usui lineage, Akashic Records teacher, and meditation instructor.
  • Virginia Rosenberg, Virginia Rosenberg is an Intuitive Astrologer and Movement Artist. Her passion is natural healing of self and society. Virginia believes that we are made to heal, and that healing is a matter of becoming more conscious of and connected to...

Symbolically, volcanoes are associated with divine revelation. Volcanoes can both destroy (cities) and create (islands). Which is all to say, the volcanic intensity of high-octane Mars joining inventive Uranus in Taurus could feel both unstable, like something falling apart, and opportune, like the potential for a new beginning. But thanks to the influence of the fated north node, you might take some comfort in the fact that all this change is basically destined to happen. You could feel inspired to actively re-envision your future and what you need to do to achieve it—particularly in areas of life over which Taurus rules, like pleasure, security, and your values.

What history can tell us about the effects of this triple conjunction in Taurus

Because Uranus is a generational planet (aka one located far from Earth and slow-moving from our perspective), its transits speak more to a society than to any particular person. As a result, the best hint as to what this upcoming Uranus transit may bring is what happened, on a societal level, during similar transits in the past.

While Uranus and the north node meet up every 15 years, they haven’t met in Taurus since 1855. And the last time Mars was involved in a Uranus and north node conjunction was 1458. In that year, the Earth was recovering from something called a volcanic winter, a severe cooling of the planet due to ash blocking the sun’s rays, which disrupted agriculture and food supply. The epic volcanic eruption in question is estimated to have taken place around 1453, five years before the conjunction.

By the time of the conjunction itself, people would have likely been emerging from this global crisis—one that deeply affected natural resources in a way that triggered political upheaval. It may be fair to assume that then, just like now, people were looking for a light in the darkness. The meeting of these three astrological forces may have provided an awakening that illuminated the way forward. In the same way, we can view the current triple conjunction in Taurus as an invitation to level up, perhaps as much for individuals as for society at large.

How to best cope with this energetic shakeup

While both Uranus and the north node call the status quo into question, the purpose of this destabilization is to point us toward a better foundation for the long-term. But in the interim, it may feel unsettling or even chaotic.

Perhaps you’ve already been feeling this way. Because Uranus is slow-moving, this conjunction has been forming for months now. Consider any inner rumblings you’ve been feeling as valid indicators of necessary change on the horizon. Mars acts on instinct, and Uranus contains a deep knowing that doesn’t always make sense until later. What have you realized about yourself that you weren’t aware of until recently? We’re being reshuffled, each of us invited to a new mission.

Below, I’ve asked other astrologers to weigh in on their top advice for managing—and even embracing—the unwieldy energy of this triple conjunction in Taurus.

Follow your whims

If you’ve been waiting for a sign that it’s time to take a new path or for someone to push you onto the proverbial dance floor, expect this transit to provide precisely that. Decisions made on or near the conjunction may not seem like a big deal in the moment, but could prove to be turning points when you reflect on them down the line.

“With Mars and Uranus together, there’s a sense of necessary rebellion,” says astrologer Tillie Eze. “You could find yourself making decisions that may seem out-of-the-blue, but when these redirections happen, embrace them.” To be clear, that isn’t necessarily an invitation to get reckless; rather, it’s permission to listen to yourself, and act on whatever it is that feels deeply motivating (even, and especially, if it falls outside your norm).

Connect with nature

A key to managing this transit is balancing some of its upward intensity with the rootedness of Taurus by cultivating peace, simplicity, and stability. “Moving with both urgency and realistic deliberation is wise,” says intuitive astrologer Virginia Rosenberg.

To cultivate this vibe, she suggests reconnecting with the Earth (in classic Taurean spirit). “Lay down on the ground until the Earth speaks to you,” she says. When things feel especially hectic, come back to the present moment with this exercise. Get into the sights and smells of nature, and close your eyes to tune in. It may be helpful to remember that just as you are a single speck in a vast natural world, what’s happening to you now is also one part of a much bigger picture.

Take a leap of faith

When you think of the moments that made you who you are today, what was the flavor of the experience at the time? Most likely, you had to take a step forward while still unsure about how things would go. And the same could be true of right now.

Whenever your view of the future feels unclear, it can be helpful to indulge the other senses. “Your body is more intelligent than you think,” says Rosenberg. “When your mind can't see the next step, try to feel the direction your body wants to go.” That’ll require dealing with some uncertainty, at least in the short term.

This chaos tends to strip away the superficial, leaving behind only the things that really matter. At that point, we can act in alignment with our true needs. “You could find yourself making seemingly drastic decisions,” says Eze. “Then, the next day [or week or year], you're like, ‘Oh, wow. Had I not done that, I wouldn't be where I am right now.’”

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