Healthy Holiday Gift Guide: the Best Gifts for the Ultimate Hostess

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It’s gift-giving season, and we’re getting into the spirit with a present for you: a curated selection of wellness-inspired picks for everyone on your list. We’re taking the “what should I get her?” anxiety out of the holidays, and pretty much guaranteeing your BFF/family member/co-worker/[insert giftee here] will be healthier, happier, and awesome-er as a result. Consider it your gift-giving mic drop.

Every friend group has that one person who’s always happy to have everyone over to her place. Her apartment is always primed with a with the perfect playlist, cute mugs, and fully stocked (healthier) bar cart (she even prepares homemade hummus when you hang out to watch This Is Us). In other words, she really is the hostess with the mostess.

So when you’re shopping for this particular friend, you have to get creative. That’s why we teamed up with Truly Spiked & Sparkling to curate a list of items she’ll love. Just like Truly’s spiked sparkling beverages with a hint of fruit are an instant upgrade for any social gathering, these gifts will help cement her status as the official party person in your circle.

Scroll down for the editor-approved presents your party-planning pal will love.


holiday hostess gift guide Truly Spiked & Sparkling


Truly Spiked & Sparkling

Truly Spiked & Sparkling 12-Pack, $16

A refreshing adult beverage is an obvious bonus at any bash—and Truly Spiked & Sparkling fits the bill with only 1 gram of sugars and 100 calories. Translation: The sparkling sip with a touch of fruit is a drink choice that won't weigh her guests down (plus it's got 5 percent alcohol by volume per bottle, compared to 11 percent or more for wine).

No mixology necessary, because each bottle or can comes in flavors like crisp Colima Lime, tangy Grapefruit and Pomelo, juicy Pomegranate, and citrusy Sicilian Blood Orange. (But if you want to add these flavor profiles into cocktails, there's no shortage of recipe inspo for that, too.) Plus, the elevated packaging makes it look right at home amidst any festively styled spread. 


Crosely Dansette portable turntable, $146

In an era when music can stream from just about any smart device, there’s something intimate about playing your jams via a record player. Vinyl not only sounds better, but a retro-looking turntable makes an instant conversation-starter.


Jonathan Adler Newport decanter, $198

Bar carts already have an air of sophistication about them—they’re just so fancy and adult. Keep that vibe going with this art-deco black glass and 24-karat gold decanter, which has je ne sais quoi in spades (just like her).


Tiffany & Co Diamond Point Champagne flute set, $130

No matter what she's raising her glass to ("good health" or "Mercury's no longer in retrograde!"), give her a chic glass to do it with. This sleek design takes care of that.


Brooklinen Dusk scented candle, $35

Introduce her to her new favorite scent: a warm mix of sandalwood, cedar, vetiver, and musk. It’s cabin-in-the-woods realness she can even bring into her studio apartment.


Ronel Jordaan Felted Rock Cushions, starting at $175

Ah, the curse of being a popular party host: Running out of places for her guests to sit. These plush, marble-esque poofs solve that problem and step up her home decor.


Agate cheese board, $78

Energy experts say agate connects with the earth and promotes balance and harmony. In other words, your crystal-obsessed friend obviously needs this high-vibe cheese platter. 


Annieglass Handkerchief votive, $68

Setting up *all* the twinkly candles is her tried-and-true party trick. Give her a gold-gilded set of votives to help set the mood (and avoid dripping wax everywhere).


Simple Booth Halo Kit, starting at $2,600

Quickest way to turn a casual get-together into a next-level event? A photo booth. This kit comes complete with all the hardware to connect to your iPad, letting her set up a high-tech picture station in her pad. Consider it a splurge-worthy upgrade for instant memory-making.


Leff Amsterdam Tube Speakers, $189

These glam speakers (which work with Bluetooth and USB) look like next-level knick knacks and fit anywhere—so she can plop them in an unexpected place like the bathroom or entryway for a party-wide soundtrack.


Palo Santo bundle, $18

Grab these when you're in need of a quick hostess gift or stressed about showing up empty handed. Once lit, Palo Santo (an ancient energy healer used by indigenous cultures) is said to promote good energy and instantly up the positivity in any space.


CB2 rolling cooler cart, $499

Whether she's got outdoor space or simply a nook in her living room, this wicker-detailed bar cart brings pool-party vibes with it everywhere it goes. Plus, it comes with a built-in ice bucket (perfect for her stash of Truly's).


Tom Dixon Brew Espresso Maker, $190

The coffee nightcap goes glam thanks to this smartly designed stovetop espresso maker (it may even inspire her to swap her matcha for a shot of java).


Sunday Forever Air Detox Mist, $24

Citrus, mint, and sage oils are like a palette-reset for her space, whether she's look for fresh scent before the bash or cleaning up after everyone is gone. AKA, it'll be the best-kept secret in her hostess tool-kit.

In partnership with Truly Spiked & Sparkling


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