Try This Prenatal and Postnatal Friendly Deep Core Workout

If you're looking for a slower-paced core workout that doesn't have a lot of jumping, the most recent episode of Good Moves with Colette Dong, founder of the fitness and Pilates practice The Ness, is just that. This 20-minute workout is an excellent deep core-engaging session. It's also prenatal and postnatal friendly (but make sure to get clearance from your provider first).

Dong has viewers perform gentle, core-engaging moves while emphasizing the importance of slow, controlled movements. However, your core is pretty freaking complex. Some of your core muscles are fairly easy to activate, with moves like crunches or gentle squats. Then, abdominal muscles, like those on the side of your body, must be engaged through more complex movements, like side planks. These more complex muscles are often beneath what you would consider "abs," and they are usually a bit harder to engage. However, Dong creatively moves you through numerous exercises that activate the harder-to-reach muscles. She also has viewers do very light dumbbell work and other arm exercises.

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This slow yet challenging workout illustrates how creative you can be when activating muscles during a fitness routine. This is one of those workouts where you wake up sore in a place you didn't even realize had muscle. Ready to get some deep-core engagement? Grab a mat and the lightest dumbbells you can find, and tune in.


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