How to Remove Turmeric Stains From Your Blender in One Easy Step

Photo: Stocksy/Marti Sans
It's not a bad idea to whip up delicious, anti-inflammatory turmeric smoothies in your blender until you're yellow in the face (and extra-white in the teeth). But, the healthy ingredient does have one downfall for the aesthetic of your staple appliance: It can leave behind a mustard-y hue that looks way more flattering in the form of a trendy swimsuit. There is a simple way to make those stains disappear, though, and all it takes is a little vitamin D.

Lee Tilghman of the Lee From America recently shared a genius hack she used to rid her parents' beloved blender of its yellowness—and all she needed was sunlight and patience. "Basically, you just let it sit in the sun, and the sun bleaches the turmeric out of the Vitamix naturally," Tilghman said on Instagram. The hack worked flawlessly, making the smoothie pitcher look brand new.

The easy way to finally get those yellow turmeric stains out of your blender
Photo: Instagram/@leefromamerica

But, since turmeric stains much more than blenders, there are other natural methods for getting it out of or off of other spots, too. If the spice has dyed your skin, just gently rub it off with a towel soaked in warm water. And when it comes to clothing, treat the stain ASAP with lemon to naturally bleach it. Love using turmeric in the bath? Restore your yellow-hued porcelain tub to its original color with baking soda, lemon juice or vinegar, and a trusty sponge.

With all the benefits you get from the bright yellow plant, the extra cleaning efforts are totally worth it.

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