These 2-Ingredient Lemon Water-Inspired Ice Pops Will Make Staying Hydrated This Summer Super Chill

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As the days grow longer (and hotter!), fruit desserts are guaranteed to come out to play. Whether you're partial to strawberry shortcake or you're more of a sorbet kind of person, there are so many seasonally-fresh recipes to enjoy when it's sweltering and you're wearing approximately 18 layers of sunscreen. And you're going to want to add these hydrating, two-ingredient lemon popsicles to the "lazy, hazy" days rotation.

Blogger Simply Jillicious' lemon ice pop recipe is everything you want out of summer baking—and by this I mean that no baking is involved. These ice pops contain only a couple of ingredients, are sweetened with good old maple syrup, and come together in about five minutes. Once you've prepped them with your handy, dandy popsicle maker, you'll leave them to freeze overnight and (behold!) wake up to citrus-flavored pops.

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BTW, while the lemon and maple syrup in these ice pops make them downright delicious, this dessert will also keep you hydrated during a season when you may be feeling particularly parched. "Adding lemon to your water can increase the amount of water you consume, which can keep you hydrated, boosts your digestion, and can help prevent kidney stones," says NYC-based dietitian Amy Shapiro, RD of Real Nutrition. But, in this case, you're—er—licking your water instead of drinking it.

The benefits of these pops go beyond hydration, however. Lemons also contain antioxidants that help fight inflammation in the body, provide plenty of vitamin C to your diet, and may help to prevent kidney stones due to their citric acid content. "Two compounds found in lemons—hesperidin and diosmin—have also been shown to decrease cholesterol levels and therefore promote heart health," says Shapiro.

While it's true that eating a single one of Simply Jillicious' lemon ice pops won't take care of your nutritional needs for the day, these popsicles will help you move the needle when it comes to staying hydrated, which is hugely important for gut health and optimal functioning. Plus, this is just a really yummy dessert to eat by the pool. Want to give it a try? Find the full lemon popsicle recipe below.

Simply Jillicious' two-ingredient lemon popsicles recipe

Photo: Simply Jillicious

3 cups filtered water
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
5 to 6 Tbsp honey or maple syrup

1. Juice the lemons and pour the measured juice into a large bowl, pitcher, or 2-quart measuring cup. (Make sure it's something that's easy to pour from.)

2. Add in the honey and water and whisk until well combined.

3. Carefully pour the mixture into each compartment of your popsicle mold. Make sure there's an open spot in your freezer where the mold can safely sit where it's not going to tip over.

4. Transfer your popsicle mold into the freezer and freeze for about four to six hours or overnight.

5. Store your popsicles in a silicone freezer bag, or a gallon Ziplock bag for up to two weeks.

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