How To Take Action if You Pull the Two of Swords Reversed

In a perfect world, each of the 78 cards in a traditional tarot deck would have a single meaning, making them simple to decipher by professional tarot readers and everyday novices alike. In reality, each tarot card has dozens (if not hundreds) of different meanings—and that’s without even taking the meaning of reversed tarot cards into consideration. With that in mind, we're taking a deeper dive into some of the most popular and often most misunderstood cards in tarot decks. Today, with the help of House of Intuition tarot reader Ryan Trinh, we’re focusing on what it means to pull two of swords reversed in tarot.

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What is two of swords?

According to Trinh, the two of swords card in tarot is often met with feelings of nervousness and uncertainty when pulled, because it often indicates difficult choices ahead. “Some also interpret this card as a balance or stalemate by trying to keep the status quo,” he adds. “And sometimes it points to bad choices or options, like being stuck between a rock and a hard place.”

What it means to pull page of swords reversed

When the two of swords card is pulled in reverse (meaning that it’s upside down instead of upright), however, the meaning transforms. “When this card is reversed, some will read it as a need to take action or to understand that things have already been set into motion,” Trinh says. “Yet there is a need to be mindful that this action is not always correct, like a decision that was made incorrectly which could lead to doubt. A two of swords reversed [like this] can imply a difficult or wrong choice made especially when paired with difficult cards such as death or the ten of swords. However if this card shows up with more positive cards or growth cards like the wheel of fortune or star card, it may imply a change of a situation in a positive direction and may cause less harm than maintaining the status quo.”

Universal vs. Subjective

While some folks will preach about tarot as if it’s a universal truth, Trinh clarifies that tarot card meanings are very much so subjective. “As with all tarot cards and ritual tools, we at House of Intuition really emphasize the importance of understanding that the meaning is quite situational and relies powerfully on your intuition,” he explains.

With that in mind, Trinh says that it’s important to ask plenty of questions—whether to yourself (if you’re pulling independently) or the reader (if someone’s pulling for you) in order to gain as much clarity as possible before acting on a supposed meaning when you pull the two of swords reversed. Considering how situational tarot cards can be, some of the best questions to ask when getting a read (or reading yourself) include focusing specifically on yourself, other people, or outside influences. That way, if you narrow it down to one—for example, asking about yourself—then you can more clearly assume the meaning of a two of swords reversal, or whatever other tarot card is at play.

“Ultimately, meditate to tap into your inner knowing,” Trinh says, indicating that tarot cards often tell us answers that our heart already knows; our minds merely need to catch up.

An important thing to keep in mind about two of swords reversed

Since the two of swords often indicates difficult choices ahead, and a reversal can hint toward needing to take action to reverse a poor decision or to better understand something already set in motion, Trinh says that adding a physical ritual with your tarot divination can boost clarity.

“In our ritual book, Your Intuition Led You Here, we have a ritual on how to open your roads and offer more options to a situation that may seem stuck,” he shares. “Simply place a red or orange candle and offerings to the spirits on your altar, such as keys, corn, or sugar. After you light your candle, it would be a good idea to make a copy of the tarot card and write your intentions on it such as ‘May the roads be open for better options to come my way’ or anything from the heart to provide guidance when a decision needs to be made.” Additionally, he says turning a self-care ritual into a spiritual one can be beneficial for gaining a better understanding, too.

“Steep some coffee grounds and some herbs—our personal favorite would be lemongrass and lemon peel—to create a brew for your bath,” he says. “We recommend adding oils to help with this intention, such as our Pathway Keys Anointing Oil or any citrus oil (though, you could just add citrus peel in lieu of the oil). Once ready, add it to your bath and pray for clarity and options when you bathe yourself.” No tub? No problem? “You can easily shower and pour this over yourself for the same clarifying effect,” he says.

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