17 Sleek Two-Pieces That’ll Suit Every Body Type

Photo: Getty Images/People Images
Summer '18 might go down as the year the one-piece outsold the bikini for the first time since the '80s when maillots made a big splash (coincidentally another fashion era that was obsessed with all things leotard and bodysuit.) But that doesn't mean that two-piece swimsuits have totally gone out of style. In fact, they're better than ever this year because, for the first time, more designers are introducing inclusive offerings that'll, ahem, suit a wide range of body types.

Unlike their itty-bitty predecessors, current silhouettes offer plenty of coverage thanks to rising waistlines and extended crop cuts. Designers are thinking farther outside the swimsuit box than typical triangle cuts with wrap tops, shrunken camisole styles, and high-waisted bottoms. Better still, like their one-piece cousins, cute bikinis have undergone a minimalist makeover this season. Without prints or trendy detailing that'll ultimately date your suit, this year's selection has a particularly timeless quality.

"It becomes about the way the suit interacts with the body over any bells and whistles."—Mara Hoffman

"With something minimal, it’s nice to let the color or silhouette speak,” says Mara Hoffman, creative director and founder of her namesake label. “Choosing one aspect of design over all other aspects, like working with color or shapes can create something beautiful. It becomes about the way the suit interacts with the body over any bells and whistles."

Read: Minimal does not equate to boring and can easily highlight your figure just the way you like. The simplicity of a two-piece suit can, in fact, appear just as striking as something more adorned whether you go for neutral tones, vibrant shades or pastel hues. A well-made style will speak for itself as clean lines and pared-back design elements are able to shine. If you’re team minimalism, here are 17 bikinis available in extended sizes, from under-the-radar brands to affordable swimwear favorites.

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