I Literally Live in These UGG Slippers All Winter (Except When My Husband Wakes Up First and Steals Them From Me)

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Long before it was acceptable, let alone cool, to wear glorified pajamas 24 hours a day, I was a die-hard Ugg fan. I’m talking a good 20 years of being a devoted customer. To be fair, though, my parents are to be thanked for my first years of patronage, because they generously gave in to my shearling-lined Hanukkah wishes of the early aughts.

While I was indeed a very lucky, cozy-footed middle-schooler who trudged through snowy Ohio winters in her Classic Shearling Lined Short Boots (necessitating professional cleaning from resulting salt stains, IYKYK), I could never weasel my way into snagging a pair of coveted Ugg slippers to wear around the house for peak toe toastiness. My parents just couldn’t get behind the steep price tag for shoes that don’t see the light of day. It was a valid point, but ever-devoted to the pursuit of comfort and warmth, I never gave up on my dream and eventually purchased a pair of Scuffette II Slippers, ($90) for myself, as I now believe every adult who doesn’t strangely love cold feet owes it to themselves to do.

I bought my pair before the onset of the pandemic, but since March 2020—when I effectively stopped getting dressed and leaving my home to do much of anything—I’ve drastically increased how often I wear them, especially when it’s cool outside. Well… when they’re not already on my husband’s feet, that is. We both work from home right now, and apparently our feet entered into a shared custody agreement of my slippers. His feet are bigger than mine, so they hang over the back edge of the slippers, but that doesn’t stop him from getting in on the shearling goodness.

The water-resistant suede slippers are lined with genuine shearling that keeps you warm but crucially not sweaty.

And, I mean, it’s easy to understand why he’s taken to such thievery. The water-resistant suede slippers are lined with genuine shearling that keeps you warm but crucially not sweaty. The rubber soles provide support and traction for not slipping on surfaces after slipping them on. And, as someone who needs to retire her sneakers, sandals, and slides alike on a pretty regular basis due to un-ignorable odor buildup, it’s worth noting that these slippers have stayed fresh-smelling after sustained wear from all four feet in my household. This may be due in part to the moisture-wicking feature of the shearling fibers themselves, according to Ugg.

While I fully understand the allure of the slippers, which must have one day called out to my husband’s feet like a siren song, à la an earnest take on The Odyssey, that doesn’t mean I’m thrilled to see him padding around in them when I’m hoping to grab them for my own tootsies. When I catch him red-footed, he knows the jig is up, and it’s time to hand over the goods (and get some lowly socks for himself).

All of this is to say that these slippers are so great, durable, and timeless that if you do acquire a pair (again, strongly recommend trying these or the Ultra Mini Boots) but let them out of your sight for any amount of time, they’re likely to quickly change hands (er, feet). So basically, keep your friends close, but your housemates closer.

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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