The New, Celebrity-Beloved *It* UGG Makes It 100% Acceptable To Wear Your Slippers in Public

Photo: Getty Images/urbazon
Another year, another pair of UGGs that celebrities have convinced me I need to add to my wardrobe. In 2019, it was the"Fluff Yeah" slides. In 2020, the sold-out-everywhere (but now back in stock) mini boots. And this time around, it's the Ugg Tazz Slipper ($120), which—thanks to Gigi Hadid and Elsa Hosk—has become the "it" shoe of the season.

The Tazz is (literally) an elevated version of the fan-favorite Tasman Slipper ($100), and comes equipped with a pumped up, 1.5-inch base that places it squarely in platform territory. Because of this, they look more like an actual shoe than some of the brand's other classic slippers, so you don't have to think twice before wearing them into the world. They're truly designed for outdoor use, and as a bonus, the lift keeps your feet up and away from the dirt and grime of city streets.

The cozy clog is lined with UGG's signature faux-shearling for maximum comfort, and features a braided trim that adds a little pop of color to an otherwise neutral palette. With three colorways to choose from—chestnut with red detailing, black with grey detailing, or green with yellow detailing—the styling options are endless. Throw them on with a pair of classic mom jeans, some white skinnies, or your go-to leggings, and you'll be ready for the world.

And for what it's worth, supermodels aren't the only ones who have given these mules their stamp of approval. Reviewers love that they're warm, comfortable, and fashion-forward—and many have called the Tazz their "go-to fall shoe" and admitted to investing in more than one pair. Now, excuse me while I make space in my closet for yet another pair of UGGs, which I know I'll be wearing all winter long.

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