Ummm Can the UK Trainers Who *Wear* TV Screens to Make Running Fun Come Stateside?

Photo: Stocksy/Jovo Jovanovic
Do you love running but find yourself getting bored after you loop through your favorite mix of tunes? That's exactly why one United Kingdom–based gym chain is taking the best part about exercising indoors (the TVs that make your treadmill seshes not only tolerable but also super enjoyable) and amping up the entertainment value outdoors.

David Lloyd Clubs is hooking up their trainers with vests that hold digital tablets on their backs, making it easy to binge-watch your go-to shows while you're running, Cosmopolitan reports. The innovation allows you to get some fresh air as your workout flies by, and it also helps you keep a great pace—because you definitely don't want your TV-adorned trainer to run past your viewing line, leading you to miss out on the best part of your show.

Right now, the service—which takes runners through two- to six-mile courses, depending on how long their show is—is only offered at one gym location, but it will be expanding to 86 more soon. Unfortunately, this genius idea hasn't showed up stateside yet, but that's what a good friend, an iPad, and a little duct tape is for, right?

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