Meet Summer’s Airiest Lounge-About Underwear Set, Perfect for Sweaty Days

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As we hover over another summer, I've discovered the best ultra thin underwear to carry you through your most active Saturdays and laziest Sundays: MeUndies' new Breathe Collection. Currently I own the Breathe Scoop Bralette ($34) and the Breathe Hipster ($20), but the collection also offers a Racerback Bralette ($34) and Thong ($20) if that's more your style. Honestly, the cut doesn't really matter—the Breathe collection is made with moisture-wicking, quick-drying material that lets your skin breathe. It's fairy wing light, uniquely dotted, and designed to be truly lived in.

"The Breathe fabric is ultralight and made with four-way stretch for complete mobility and the collection features details like flat seams and bonded edges to prevent garments from slipping or riding up while still offering an ultrasmooth silhouette," says Jonathan Shokrian, Founder and CEO of MeUndies. "Every piece in the collection is designed to support self-expression through movement, whether that means dancing, yoga or roller skating."

Initially I was a little concerned with the construction of the garment. I’m not sure if you have the problem, but my constant conflict with microfiber-y underwear is that it falls apart at the seams, literally. After a few rewashes the glue holding the gusset in place loosens its grip, and I’m left with a weird, flopping tongue of cotton betwixt my legs. Trust me, it is far less sexy than it sounds. Somehow I’ve had no such problem with my Breathe underwear, despite wearing (and washing) it over and over and over again. This material, composed of 69 percent textured nylon, 9 percent recycled nylon, and 22 percent spandex, is strong.

The other thing I was skeptical about was how supportive the bralette would be using such a light textile. I’m a negotiable 32DD whose cup runneth over when I’m PMSing. An essentially bandless bra made from barely-there material did not seem up for that challenge. But when I put on the top, I was actually shocked by the good little snug my girls got—there’s a great balance of lift, comfort, and even a bit of cleavage. Not quite sure who will be appreciating that cleavage, but am very grateful for it in the meantime.

But how does it work in action? I've spent the last few weeks wearing my Breather underwear for different activity levels (working out, grocery shopping, finishing Schitt's Creek about a year after everyone else...) Not only was it consistently cool and comfy, but the Breathe collection is great for two things: The first is to throw under your t-shirts and shorts in the summertime—or any time, but especially if you want something light. These are going to be amazing assets for those days where it’s going to be Sweat City. Though this may not have the perfect sports bra for high-intensity workouts, it works wonders if I'm hula hooping or doing yoga. Likewise, if you have places to go, people to see, and no time to constantly adjust yourself, MeUndies Breathe is a good pick for errand running in the heat.

Beyond, I see Breathe as the easiest thing to wear when you’re lounging around the house on hot nights. Doesn't matter if you're binging Gossip Girl on the couch or having a "Dancing With Myself" moment in the kitchen, they're the perfect next-to-nothing thing to put on. With that combination of surprising sturdiness, airy fabric, and overall comfiness, these babies are a breath of fresh air.

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