Get Inspired by These Seriously Successful Wellness Icons (and Their Totally Unique Style)

You’ve got #goals—in the gym, at the office, and in life—but sometimes the path to achieving your dreams gets a little murky.

Consider our latest video series your own personal pep rally. In Locker Room Look Book: Groundbreaker Edition, Under Armour athletes and wellness icons are showing how to go after your goals (and look great in the process, natch).

From underdog-turned-pro-dancer Dani Vitale to boss babe entrepreneurs like fashion designer Paola Mathe to equality crusaders like model Deddeh Howard, we’re celebrating women who are unlike any others in their field—and who aren’t afraid to stay true to themselves.

Their uniform? Head-to-toe Under Armour pieces. From bright neon sports bras to monochromatic, edgy looks, it’s a master class in how to style your activewear to match your own personal brand of cool.

Click here to watch Ambitious Kitchen’s Monique Volz prove that lifting heavy weights isn’t just for dudes—and share how she channels mega confidence. Then go crush those goals!

In partnership with Under Armour

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