8 Courses for Understanding How Your Mind Works—And Sharpening It Like a Fresh Set of Pencils

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Back-to-school season is upon us, and you've gotta love that fresh start energy of September, you know? It really does make me want to give my brain a workout. One of the better way to do that is taking some courses that help you reach a better understanding of how the mind works.

Right now, many of us are dealing with highly stressed situations amid the global pandemic. The brain fog is thick and it is real. So if you missed that whole "productive" chapter of quarantine and have a second wind, it is literally never too late to learn.

Courses for a better understanding of how your mind works

1. Learning How To Learn: Powerful Mental Tools To Help You Master Tough Subjects

How meta! This course is a collection of learning techniques that work across many disciplines. So if it's been a while since you've been in a brick-and-mortar educational institution (and that's like...most of us, because Pandemic), this will help you sharpen you mental pencils with research-backed tips.

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2. Resiliency Skills in a Time of Uncertainty

Fearing the tidal effect of the second wave? Not sure what your life will look like in a week, let alone a year? You're not alone, friend. This course can't predict the future, but it can give you some coping mechanisms to better handle uncertainty. And really, isn't what's really plaguing us right now? You know, besides the literal virus.

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3. Science of Success: What Researchers Know That You Should Know

While some of us are bare minimum surviving during this time, others really want to thrive. No matter what camp you fall into, you can't go wrong with this course. The Science of Success wants you to level up, distributing a simple ladder to help you reach your goals in work, school, and life.

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4. Creativity, Innovation and Transformation

This feels like a very right brain approach to thinking creatively, but why now? This is a perfect approach if you're looking to excel in a creative field, or you're currently hitting a rut when it comes to being imaginative.

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5. Biohacking Your Brain's Health

If you want to prioritize your cognitive wellness, this Emory University is designed to make your brain FIT. Designed to strengthen your neurological functions through nutrition, exercise, and meditation, Biohacking Your Brain's Health also offers "weekly prescriptions" to keep your mind active and constantly training.

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6. Introduction to Self-Determination Theory: An Approach to Motivation, Development, and Wellness

Feeling deeply unmotivated? Welcome to Self-Determination Theory, which unpacks how motivation is constructed by hitting different basic psychological needs. It also showcases what styles different leaders can use to motivate others, which makes it particularly worthwhile for anyone in a management position.

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7. Understanding Memory: Explaining the Psychology of Memory Through Movies

"That's so cool," I just whispered to the screen. As a dual psychology and film geek, this course really strikes my fancy. Understanding Memory uses silver screen depictions of common neurological phenomenons such as amnesia and dementia, and unpacks the reality behind each.

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8. Know Thyself—The Value and Limits of Self-Knowledge: The Unconscious

This course that truly asks you to delve deeper and investigate what's in our unconscious mind. If you're willing to explore the Freudian foundations and newer theories that explain our otherwise inexplicable behavioral patterns, dive in.

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