The Best Underwear for When Aunt Flo Is Seriously Cramping Your Style

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There has truly never been a better time to be a menstruating woman. We have a seemingly endless buffet of options as to how we want to deal with our periods, with the usual pads and tampons now just two of the menu options. Not your thing, for the sake of comfort, sustainability, or plain old personal preference? No problem! Pop on a pair of underwear for periods.

No, I'm not talking about the old lacy thongs that have been reserved for your flow days after being stained by periods past. I'm talking about actual underwear for periods—or as I like to call them, "period panties"—that help you manage your flow. In addition to relieving you of the fear that back of your white pants are going to be stained in crimson splotches every time you stand up,  underwear for periods have a whole bunch of other benefits.

A few worth mentioning: Because you can wash and reuse them, underwear for periods more sustainable than traditional disposable period products. And though they may cost more than a box of tampons (for example, a pair of Thinx costs $34 compared to the $5-ish dollars a box of tampons will run you), they'll ultimately last you for longer since you can wash them and wear them again and again and again. And, of course, there's no risk of getting a pair of underwear for periods stuck inside of you, which is a definite bonus.

The good news, for anyone looking to make underwear for periods a part of their regular menstrual routine, is that there are dozens of options on the market to choose from—as in, you're no longer left struggling to choose between "ugly granny panties" and "uglier granny panties." Peep some of our faves below.

1. Anigan StainFree Period Panty Tie Dyed Seamless Boyshorts, $19

underwear for periods
Photo: Anigan

These Anigan boyshorts are so (so, so) adorable, I want to wear them to bed all 28 days of my cycle—not just the 3–7 I'm bleeding on. They're totally seamless and breathable, which means that you'll be comfortable and leak free when you wear them.

2. Intimate Portal Women Period Panties Absorbent Menstrual Incontinence Underwear, $20

underwear for periods
Photo: Amazon

Whether you're pregnant, on your period, or tend to pee a little bit during yoga (which is totally normal, BTW), Intimate Portal has got you covered. They come in a wide range of colors and styles, from size XS to 6XL, and are meant to protect from literally any kind of leak you can think of: They list "menstrual period, postpartum bleeding, stress or urge incontinence, bladder leakage, fecal and urinary incontinence, and postnatal recovery" on their product description. Plus, they're available on Amazon, which is pretty much as accessible as it gets.

3. Knix Athletic Leakproof Thong, $22

underwear for periods
Photo: Knix

This period-proof thong is so unassuming, you'd never know that it can actually absorb up to 1 teaspoon of leaks, period blood, or sweat. Plus, it's totally seamless, so you can wear it under anything without having to worry about lines or leaks. 

4. Modibodi Sensual Boyleg Light-Moderate Absorbency, $25

underwear for periods
Photo: Modibidi

Modibodi's line of underwear for periods comes in a full range of absorbencies, the way tampons do, reaching from super light to heavy/overnight. That way, you can mix things up depending on what your flow looks like. And their sensual collection is genuinely, well, sensual enough to have you seriously reconsidering stripping down for period sex.

5. Sustain Natural Period Underwear, $30

underwear for periods
Photo: Sustain Natural

Sustain Natural's chic, black underwear for periods (yes, I just called a pair of underwear for periods "chic") is made from organic cotton that can absorb up to 1 tampon's worth of blood. Use them on their own, or when you need a little extra backup on those extra-heavy days for your pad, tampon, or menstrual cup of choice.

6. Thinx Hip Hugger Panties, $34

underwear for periods
Photo: Thinx

Thinx changed the game as the original underwear for periods brand, and it's no wonder why so many of the women in the Well+Good offices are die-hard fans of their products—for sleeping, working out, and everyday life. Not only do they come in a full range of cute styles (and not just, "cute for period panties," but like, actually cute), but they really do work. In fact, they hold up to two regular tampons worth of blood. "You know those last days of your period where it's just, like, a tiny bit of blood? I'm so over wearing a tampon at that point, so I rely on Thinx instead," one Well and Good staffer shared of the Thinx boy shorts. "They're comfy—def not like a diaper—and do just the trick. Highly recommend!"

7. Dear Kate Go Commando Capri, $99


underwear for periods
Photo: Dear Kate

While Dear Kate offers a full range of underwear for periods (and all of them are made with their Underlux material, which combines three layers of breathable fabric to stop leaks in their tracks), it's their period-proof leggings that are really wow-inducing. They can hold 1.5 regular tampons worth of blood (or 2 teaspoons), which means you can go totally commando for your yoga flow when you're on your... actual flow.

While we're talking about vagina's, here's why you should maybe rethink the way you clean yours. Plus, why your period may actually be the most fun time to get down, and, erm, dirty.

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