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Found: A $10 Dior Lip Oil Dupe That Hydrates and Softens Lips While You Wear It

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I think we can all agree that lip gloss has come a loooong way from the sticky messes we were all slathering our lips with in the early aughts. These days, there are plenty of nourishing, non-goopy options on the market, and right now, the trendiest of all is Dior Lip Oil ($35). The perpetually sold-out gloss-balm hybrid is beloved for its mirror shine, timeless tint, and heavenly hydration—you can't scroll through TikTok or Instagram without seeing someone swooning over the stuff. It's truly a perfect product, if not for two formidable downsides: 1) like I said, good luck getting it—it's impossible to keep in stock; And 2) it retails for $35, which isn't exactly cheap for a beauty product, let alone a lip gloss.

Lucky for you, we found an affordable dupe that might just topple Dior's glossy throne. Undone Beauty Poppa Gloss ($10) is just as shiny, just as nourishing, and just as trendy—and it costs just $10.

Poppa Gloss, Sweet Pea — $9.00

Never sticky? Check. Not too globby texture? Check. Hydration that actually leaves lips softer, not dryer? Check, check, check. Poppa Gloss ticks off all your lip gloss non-negotiables, for just $10.

Like any good lip gloss, Poppa Gloss is, well, glossy. It's got that high-luxe shine that makes you feel instantly fabulous in just a few swipes. But unlike traditional lip glosses, it's not sticky or globby. You can wear it and not worry that a strand of your hair is going to get caught in your lips, or that it's going to leave the side of your water bottle covered in a glittery mess. Since it's technically a gloss-balm hybrid (a la Dior Lip Oil), the texture is sleeker and less tacky than other products, giving you an even shimmer that doesn't feel like you coated your lips in personal lubricant.

Then, of course, there's the nourishing element. Remember in the '90s when you'd slather on your favorite gloss only for it to come off as soon as you took a sip of your drink, leaving your lips oddly drier than before? Poppa Gloss doesn't do that. It's formulated to hydrate and condition while you wear it. That's because of the added cloudberry seed oil extract, which has become a darling in the beauty industry thanks to its heavy load of antioxidants that soothe and protect skin. When you swipe it on, it actually stays on. But even better, once it's off, your lips aren't left feeling like the Sahara—they're softer, more soothed, and ready for another pop of Poppa.

The colors are a sight to behold, too. Like Dior, Undone Beauty has nailed its color spectrum, ranging from barely-there tints to trendy, bolder colors that make a statement. While we're a sucker for color, it's the brand's newest hues that have our hearts. Barely Pink ($10) is the sheerest, prettiest pink—kind of like if Essie Ballet Slippers ($9) was turned into a lip color. Or go completely neutral with the Radiant Clear ($10), which is a minimalist's dream.

Like we said—lip glosses have come a long way, and Undone Beauty Poppa Gloss proves just that. It also proves you don't have to break the bank on a product that looks and feels good while it's on. A swipe of this stuff gives you disco-ball level shine, moisture, and color—all for just $10.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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