These Glasses Will Add Unicorn Magic to Everything You Drink

Photo: Urban Outfitters
Unicorn anything and everything has probably not-so-magcially taken over your social feeds this year. There was Starbucks' unicorn Frappuccino, unicorn hair, and an endless amount of healthy unicorn food, spanning toast and algae lattes. And the trend isn't slowing down—especially thanks to certain glasses that will add unicorn magic to everything you drink.

The glasses don't come packed with superfoods like other unicorn drinks, but you can add the mood-boosting colors to a wellness-y cocktail with no work whatsoever.

These rainbow coupe glasses—sold at Urban Outfitters—have a pretty translucent rainbow effect toward the stem that will instantly make anything you drink appear as if it's being viewed under a Snapchat filter. The glasses might not come packed with superfoods like certain other unicorn drinks, but you can add the mood-boosting colors to tipples that are already wellness-rich, like this adaptogen-filled seltzer.

That's not the only way you can take your unicorn obsession into your home, though: Urban also sells a rainbow flatware set, metallic wine glasses, and a cozy unicorn onesie.

This woman is making unicorn food in a jar—and healing the world in the process. And if you're over the whole unicorn thing, try this superfood-packed latte instead.

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