*the* Latte Craze of 2017 Is Officially a Halloween Costume

Photo: Instagram/@jennadewan
PSL costumes are so passé; this year, all things unicorn are taking over, which is making way for the most magical and fantastical Halloween yet.

While awesome and creative ideas abound from Pinterest's top 15 trending Halloween makeup looks—including an otherworldly shooting star and one with celestial hippie vibes—per a Byrdie report, one in particular really stands out: a colorful, sparkly unicorn (i.e. the human incarnation of  of Starbucks' viral, super-sweet unicorn Frappuccino).

But how does one transform into the vibrant beverage for Halloween? It's actually easier than you may think. First, learn to master Jenna Dewan-Tatum's flawless, glow-y makeup and hair from last year (pictured above), then add in an ombré pink dress with a painted-on blue swirl (this one is basically the whole package at $33), the signature green straw (hello, pool noodle!), a horn headband, a printed Starbucks logo, and a whole lot of glitter. Seriously—lots.

You still have a few weeks to prepare, so don't stress! Instead, use the time to seek additional inspiration from unicorn food, and whip up your own mythically inspired treats with these healthy recipes.

Even these leggings got the unicorn treatment this summer. Want to eat some unicorn food straight out of a jar? Try this delicious option.

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