11 Unique Pots To Complement Your Most Beautiful Plants

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Photo: Stocksy/Lumina
There's only one thing that's as fun as shopping for houseplants. Shopping for cute and unique plant pots to put them in. If you love plants as much as me and just can't get enough (57 and counting in my house!), you probably pop those babies in a whole lot of terra cotta. But as much as I love those earthy orange pots, they can get a little boring. And that's where these picks come in.

If you want to spice up your plant collection with some new pots, you're in the right place. From unique, handmade pots for your plants from ceramic artists to options from some of your favorite online stores, these fun finds will surely add some excitement back into your urban jungle.

11 unique plant pots to add to your collection, stat

1. Urban Outfitters Parker Planter + Tray Set, $60

unique plant pots
Photo: Urban Outfitters

I love this 10-inch ceramic planter so much that I have two of this size and one of the mini 6-inch versions in my home. It's just that good. The speckled cream and light terracotta colors go with everything.

Shop now: Urban Outfitters Parker Planter + Tray Set, $60

2. Drop Dead Candles Female Figure Planter, $52

Photo: Drop Dead Candles

These figure planters are drop-dead gorgeous. They come in multiple different skin tones, and they're perfect size for showing off your succulents.

Shop now: Drop Dead Candles Female Figure Planter, $52

3. Kaya 3-Piece Ceramic Planter, $68

unique plant pots
Photo: Jungalow

Bet you've never seen a plant pot like this before. Created by Justina Blakeney, the ultimate plant lady, they come in three pieces and have drainage holes in both the planter and base to keep your plants nice and healthy.

Shop now: Kaya 3-Piece Ceramic Planter, $68

4. Chantal Strasburger Ceramics "Plant" Planter, $65

Photo: Chantal Strasburger Ceramics

This handmade planter will never let you forget what's inside with the cute "plant" label scripted in black glaze. (Aka there's no excuse to forget to water your plant baby.)

Shop now: Chantal Strasburger Ceramics "Plant" Planter, $65

5. Hudson + Oak Matte Camel Planter, $100

unique plant pots
Photo: Hudson + Oak

This is one of the most stunning minimalist planters around. It's hand-painted, super lightweight, and comes in multiple different sizes, ranging from 8 to 18 inches wide. (I bought one for a cactus a few years ago, and it's still in top-notch condition.)

Shop now: Hudson + Oak Matte Camel Planter, $100

6. The Coy Collection Mini Smile Planter, $40

Photo: The Coy Collection

How can you look at this planter every day and not smile? Aside from being a total mood-booster, it's also the perfect home for a mini cactus or plant.

Shop now: The Coy Collection Mini Smile Planter, $40

7. The Sill Dolores Planter, $37

unique plant pots
Photo: The Sill

How cool is this coil planter? It comes in blush, mint, grey, and black, and it's a nice medium size at 7 inches wide.

Shop now: The Sill Dolores Planter, $37

8. Anthropologie Turtle Planter, $34

Photo: Anthropologie

Add some vintage vibes to your home with this unique brass turtle planter. Aside from being adorable, it's also the ultimate eye-catching statement piece for any room.

Shop now: Anthropologie Turtle Planter, $34

9. West Elm Rio Cache Pots, $17 to $35

unique plant pots
Photo: West Elm

These hand-glazed earthenware posts have fun geometric patterns that make them stand out in any space.

Shop now: West Elm Rio Cache Pots, $17 to $35

10. Potey Cement Flower Planter, $20

Photo: Amazon

The leafy green design on this plant pot will add a fun pop of color to your urban jungle. Plus, the 5-inch size is great for any smaller plants you have.

Shop now: Potey Cement Flower Planter, $20

11. Black Metal Tabletop Planter With Rattan Cane Stand, $22

unique plant pots
Photo: World Market

Add some warmth and texture to your plant collection with this trendy rattan cane plant stand that comes complete with a black metal planter.

Shop now: Black Metal Tabletop Planter With Rattan Cane Stand, $22

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