This Upper Body Pilates Workout Strengthens and Tones in Just 10 Minutes

Photo: W+G Creative
Some days, weeks, months, the only "workouts" my upper body gets are typing and moving a fork towards my mouth. Admittedly, this is not great for my health or long-term mobility—plus, I'm single AF, and pasta sauce jars aren't exactly going to open themselves. Fortunately, on the latest episode of Good Moves, Chloe de Winter of Go Chlo Pilates offers a solution to this problem, in the form of an upper body Pilates workout that there's almost no excuse not to perform on the regular.

You might be busy, after all, but surely you can find ten measly minutes to dedicate to strengthening your upper extremities. And if you don't find the time, how do you expect to one day accept your future Emmy/Oscar?!? Those things look heavy.

Seriously, though, this routine is the perfect length for tacking on to the end of a daily run or other cardio sesh in order to ensure that your arms are getting as much love as your legs. Plus, this workout activates the core, too—and one can never have too much core work because abdominal strength is, you know, central (literally!) to good physical health.

Intentionally working out your arms regularly can help you to better care for yourself now and into older age. Press play on the video above to start lengthening and strengthening for your limbs for optimal health, stat, and watch as other movements in life become easier to carry out as well. Because while you could spend hours at the gym lifting, these types of functional movements can actually train your body for types of fitness that may arise as a result of daily life (cough cough: that pasta sauce jar). And for that, we've got 10 minutes (and maybe even more).

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