The Only Equipment You Need for This 10-Minute Upper-Body Workout Is a Towel

You'll find that equipment varies greatly from one home gym to the next, but you don't necessarily need trendy high-tech machines for an effective workout. A yoga mat and a set of light dumbbells are often enough to do the trick. But in the latest episode of Good Moves, all you really need for a comprehensive upper-body workout is a dish towel.

Instead of using weights or resistance bands, Colette Dong, founder of The Ness in New York City, says you can complete a 10-minute upper-body workout without buying something you don't already own. "You can grab a sweat towel or a dish towel—something on the tinier end," she says. "We're going to work all of the upper body muscles, and even the abs and obliques, to get everything activated and firing."

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Even though you're not working with weights, Dong's upper-body towel exercises really make you work for it. Think about how hard it is to hold your arms up after a couple minutes. It's like that, except—sorry to inform you—it's even more difficult because you don't get to rest your arms at all while doing exercises like arm pumps, tricep press-ups, and bicep curls during the 10-minute workout.

Just when you think you're almost done with this upper body towel workout, Dong has one more surprise for you: a tricep burnout. She says you'll probably never look at your dish towel the same way ever again after this workout. And I think she's right.

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