A Rare Thing Is Happening Along With the New Moon—and It May Be Unsettling

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Every month, the new moon offers an energy refresh, AKA an ideal time to set new goals—but something rare is about to happen during this next shift, on May 15: Uranus will move into the sign of Taurus, which hasn't happened since 1942. And that means you might experience some unsettling feelings.

Uranus is the "awakener and the principle of freedom" and rules our nervous system, according to astrologer Leslie Galbraith. She says the planet is associated with change, breakthroughs, originality, outside-the-box thinking, and inventiveness. Taurus, however, represents all that is grounded: value, money, security, and material things. So, Uranus moving into Taurus translates to an overhaul of preexisting structure.

"The last time Uranus was in Taurus was 1934, it retrograded back into Aries and fully moved in March of 1935 until 1942," Galbraith says. "This was the ending of the great depression and rise in popularity of fascism throughout Europe leading to World War II." If that historic period is any indication, we're in for path-altering change on a global level. In fact, Galbraith predicts "there will be a fundamental change in relationship to what we value."

However, since Uranus spends about seven years in each sign as it moves through the zodiac, this period could last through 2026, so the shift it may inspire will also likely be a process, and not necessarily an immediate one.

"We can get the most out of this transit on a personal level by working on breaking free from limiting beliefs about our own worth and value." —Leslie Galbraith, astrologer

Galbraith says that when a planet first moves into a new sign, what happens in the news foreshadows what's to come: "We already see the energy of Uranus with the recent volcano eruption in Hawaii. Also with the change in relationship between North and South Korea, with them coming to agreements to value each other," she says.

So, what does Uranus moving into Taurus mean for you? "We can get the most out of this transit on a personal level by working on breaking free from limiting beliefs about our own worth and value," she says. In fact, this change could also deepen your connection to the Earth, which might encourage you to pursue eco-friendly, sustainable options regarding farming and the food you eat, the clothing industry, and your use of plastic. "Many people are already envisioning a better way to live sustainably with new innovative ways to manage our resources."

This period could also alter our definitions of value, Galbraith says: "We live in a culture that conditions us to equate our value and worth with what we have or own. Uranus in Taurus will change that relationship, perhaps to valuing someone for their smile, what a great cook they are, and how kind they are instead of what purse or car they own."

So, while the shift in the stars might—as astrologer Jennifer Racioppi puts it—"rattle life's foundation," Galbraith expects it to create progress in your life and help you grow as a person…even if that means something as simple as swapping plastic grocery bags for reusable ones.

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