Uranus Retrograde Is About To Shake Up the Status Quo—Here’s What That Means for Your Sign

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If you’re astrologically inclined, you might have noticed we’re in a bit of a retrograde spree as of late. Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, and Venus have all entered their retrograde cycles in recent weeks and continue to move in their apparent backspins, with infamous Mercury also joining the party just this week. Ready to crank that retrograde energy up another notch is paradigm-busting Uranus, which takes its annual retrograde jaunt in Taurus from August 28 to January 27, 2024.

Named for the Greek god of the heavens and sky, “Uranus is the planet of change, so it comes in and shakes everything up,” says astrologer and tarot reader Megan Skinner, co-host of the So Divine! podcast. Calling it “the rebellion planet,” Skinner adds that every time Uranus begins a new transit is an invitation to to transform and evolve. “[Uranus] wants to break apart old ways of being and the status quo, and it's very much connected to freedom.”

Because Uranus is one of the generational (rather than personal) planets, its effect tends to be collective in nature, driving large-scale change as it moves through its lengthier retrograde; given the planet lies in the outer reaches of our solar system, its transits last much longer. Still, the effect of its retrograde can come as a poignant wake-up call, encouraging us all to embrace its renegade spirit—or use it to rethink or reimagine our broader societal systems.

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Overall vibes of Uranus retrograde in Taurus in 2023

Uranus is known for disruption, but this year, that energy shift could feel extra rocky, given its retrograde happens in Taurus—a fixed sign that’s notoriously anti-change and rules over such foundational areas of life as “money, values, security, and physicality,” says astrologer Rachel Lang, author of Modern Day Magic. We can especially expect shake-ups within these Taurean realms, she says.

The good news? This change will likely manifest as just the next phase of progression in a years-long evolution. Uranus first entered Taurus in 2018 (where it’ll remain until 2026), says Skinner, so at this point, the interplay between this planet and sign is familiar.

Just consider all the paradigm-shifting events around economic inequality that have unfolded since 2018 as examples of this Uranus-Taurus nexus: a pandemic that exposed and worsened major societal inequity, social justice movements to fight racism and discrimination, the mass departure of people from the corporate workforce in rejection of capitalist norms, and most recently, multiple labor union strikes in support of fair treatment and pay.

“In almost every sector, we’re seeing people rise up and say that our financial systems...really aren’t supporting the liberation of all people.” —Rachel Lang, astrologer

“In almost every sector, we’re seeing people rise up and say that our financial systems and aspects of capitalism really aren’t supporting the liberation of all people,” says Lang. The Uranus of it all is about finding ways to change that in support of the greater good.

That kind of revolution can also happen on a personal level, says Lang. Maybe you feel stuck in a job that doesn’t align with your interests but is necessary to pay your bills, or a relationship that feels comfortable but is also stunting your ability to grow. Or perhaps what’s holding you back is a self-inflicted wound like self-doubt or sabotage. Uranus retrograde is a time to envision breaking free, says Lang, and figuring out how to escape that which hinders your evolution.

Exactly how this Uranus retrograde in Taurus will push you toward change depends on how it interacts with your birth chart. Though you might typically read the below horoscopes using your sun sign, the experts also suggest reading for your rising sign, since this sign determines the astrological house (aka realm of life) in which Taurus falls in your chart—and where Uranus will be shaking things up during this transit. (You can learn your rising sign by plugging your birth date, time, and location into a free natal chart generator like this one.)

Below, Lang and Skinner share cosmic insights into how Uranus retrograde in Taurus will affect each zodiac sign, so you can brace for impact.

Here’s how this Uranus retrograde may affect each zodiac sign


How are you doing financially, Aries? Uranus calls to question your financial realm as the planet in Taurus occupies your second house of personal finances, possessions, and value. Think about your existing relationship to money and value, and consider how you can move closer to your idea of “financial freedom,” says Lang. How do you want your money to fit into your life, and is your current cash flow enough to support your dreams and ambitions?

Before you run off and make that investment or buy that stock, know that this period is prime for gathering intel and planning—not making hasty moves. “This means you should reflect on these questions and feel the discomfort of what isn't working for you, and then identify how you can make small sustainable changes over time,” says Lang.


Uranus is retrograde in your sign, Taurus, which means a whole new you could be on the horizon. “It may be a time where you rethink or re-evaluate your image and how you present yourself,” says Skinner. And that could mean undergoing a physical or emotional transformation.

Consider reflecting upon previous times of change in your life, and what lessons you might be able to glean from those transitional moments, suggests Lang. “It’s an overall kind of life review,” she adds.


Your 12th house of the subconscious mind is in Uranus’s cold shadow this retrograde, Gemini. Your task, says Lang, is to be conscious of how the unseen forces in your life may affect you and could perhaps be holding you back.

Lang suggests asking yourself: What are the hidden influences in my life? Is ancestral trauma guiding my present-day behaviors? She also recommends embracing a spiritual practice, like a transcendental meditation, or getting a past life reading to better connect with your inner self.


Do you feel a sense of belonging, Cancer? Uranus encourages attention in your 11th house of friends and associations. According to Skinner, this is a calling to consider if you really value and support the people with whom you spend your time and, in turn, if they value and support you. If you’re part of a community or charitable organization, is the cause one you really believe in? This retrograde is an opportunity to review how your friendships and platonic relationships are functioning.


You’re about to have another moment in the limelight, Leo—which isn’t an unnatural place for you to be. Uranus is transiting in your 10th house of career and public perception, making the moment ripe for a metamorphosis.

Now is the time to reconsider any fears or inhibitions that might be preventing you from stepping into your power. “This transit is about your purpose and mission,” says Lang. “It’s very much [asking], ‘Am I shining my light in the world?’” And it’s encouraging you to reflect on how you might best do that, she adds.


Get ready to open your mind or change your viewpoint, Virgo. Uranus is in your ninth house of education, wisdom, and travel, which Skinner calls “a very expansive house.” That means it may be time for you to learn more about a topic that has always been of interest to you, but that you might not normally take the time to investigate, says Skinner.

Consider investing time, money, or effort into gaining new skills or insights, whether by enrolling in a class, planning a trip, or simply tucking into a new stack of books on an element of philosophy, religion, or art. In any case, you’ll benefit from embracing a fresh perspective.


This retrograde highlights your eighth house of finances, sex, debts, and investments, Libra. Lang recommends examining your beliefs around money and investment, and untangling how your relationship to money affects your sense of control and self-worth.

“There's a real complex relationship between love and money, and Libra feels this more than anyone because it's a sign that is very focused on partnership, equality, and balance,” says Lang. Speaking of balance, this is also a great time to come to terms with the debts you owe, whether literally or figuratively, and consider how you might repay them.


This retrograde is all about your partnerships, Scorpio, because it’s happening in your seventh house of relationships. Take some time to consider how your most important romantic, platonic, or business connections align with who you are now, and what role they’re playing in your life, says Skinner.

Perhaps the function or form of these bonds has to transform to fit your future plans. “There could be some shake-ups there,” says Skinner. A retrograde isn’t the best time to take action, though, so hang tight if you discover that one of your relationships is, in fact, due for change. Use this moment to introspect on why and how your dynamic needs to shift.


You have an innate urge for freedom, Sagittarius. As Uranus moves through your sixth house of health, wellness, and routines, consider how you might inject some adventure into your everyday life, suggests Lang.

Have you been holding onto the idea that your day has to start at the crack of dawn, or that rest is actually laziness? Were you raised to believe that having a nine-to-five schedule is the only right way to work, or that the best way to be fit is to run? Uranus retrograde is a time to eschew long-held notions—particularly ones you’ve adopted from others and that don’t jibe with your personality—and consider how to chart your own path as it comes to how you spend your days.

Consider whether there are activities and practices that may be more supportive of your health and well-being than the ones you do by default, suggests Lang.


Embracing play and fun might not be your go-to thing, Capricorn, but renegade Uranus moving backward through your fifth house of creativity, children, and pleasure is pushing you to do just that.

As a result of hard work and playing by the rules, you may feel stifled in your current ability to self-express—which is why Skinner suggests focusing on how to nurture your inner child. Dedicate some time to your preferred creative pursuit (or one that you might’ve loved as a kid), and allow yourself to loosen up and be ever so slightly more lighthearted and playful.


This Uranus retrograde could see you healing family trauma, Aquarius. Uranus’s path moves through your fourth house of home and family, so Lang says you may be pushed to “dig down into your roots” to understand how your family’s origin and past has shaped you in ways both obvious and more obscure.

“This transit is about understanding that your [story] is connected to bigger societal structures,” says Lang. Spend this time freeing yourself of any familial entanglements that don’t serve you, so you can focus your energy on appreciating who you (and your people) really are.


Uranus retrograde moves through your third house of communication and learning, Pisces. Because this house is all about perception—“how we see things, and how we communicate them,” says Skinner—this is a time to get clear on how you feel before you share with others.

Skinner recommends making journaling a part of your regular routine. You’ll gain some clarity and insights into your inner thoughts, as well as some practice organizing them that may prove helpful when you need to communicate them to others in the future.

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