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Uranus Retrograde Is Bringing on a Time of Self-Reflection—Here’s What That Means for Your Sign

On Thursday, August 19, Uranus goes retrograde, where it will remain until January 22, 2022. It's joining its outer-planet counterparts, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto, all of which are stationed in a proverbial backspin of their own. Given that these outer planets typically reference collective (rather than individual) action and changes, all of this retrograde action may signal the start of a period destined for slowing down and turning inward on a societal level.

The addition of Uranus to the current retrograde mix creates a strong push-pull energy “between the personal planets—which propel us to take action, speak our minds, and make connections—and the slower-moving outer planets, which are now doubling down on urging caution and deeper reflection on our wants, needs, and motivations,” says astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides.

"The Uranus retrograde in 2021 is about taking the time to sit with outward changes or unexpected events that have thrown off our equilibrium this year." —astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides

According to astrologer Rachel Lang, author of the forthcoming book Modern Day Magic, Uranus rules over innovation, change, and disruption for the sake of progress. As it moves backward, its retrograde cycle could shed new light on various evolutionary forces of the past few months, or encourage us to reckon with them in new ways. "The Uranus retrograde in 2021 is about taking the time to sit with outward changes or unexpected events that have thrown off our equilibrium this year," says Marmanides, "and reflect on any unease or discomfort that they may have stirred up inside of us."

Because Uranus is currently transiting in reverse through Taurus, this Uranus retrograde will affect each zodiac sign a bit differently, depending on which astrological house (aka arena of life) Taurus rules over for those born under that sign. With that in mind, read on for insights from Marmanides and Lang as to just what energetic change the upcoming Uranus retrograde may summon for your sign.

Here's how this Uranus retrograde will manifest for each of the zodiac signs, according to astrologers:


The movement of Uranus into your second house of finances and resources bubbles up new questions surrounding money matters for you, Aries. "If you've had fear about changes to your financial situation, this is the time to address the underlying cause of that anxiety," says Lang. Or, perhaps you're looking to make a career shift, but you've been hesitant, due to money concerns. In that case, consider whether there may be new monetary avenues to explore, so that you don't remain confined to a job that doesn't fulfill you, says Marmanides.


Buckle up: The Uranus retrograde of 2021 could ripple through your core identity, as the planet spins back through your sign. With that in mind, it would be wise to loosen up your resistant-to-change, fixed-sign energy, Taurus.

"This retrograde is a time to work through your fears of letting go," says Lang. In particular, consider how you might release any elements of your life that aren't in alignment with your true identity, whether at work, at home, or in your social life.


An emotional or spiritual awakening could be in store for you, Gemini, as Uranus moves into your 12th house of the unconscious—which governs over our dreams, inner life, and secrets. "This shift may push you to figure out where you could be getting in the way of yourself," says Marmanides. A solo retreat or getaway could help you along this phase of your personal growth journey, adds Lang.


Uranus could put your friendships under a magnifying glass, beneath which you'll be able to see and confront whether your loved ones, colleagues, and acquaintances are upholding their end of the relationship bargain. "You're known for your warmth and sensitivity and for being a shoulder to cry on," says Marmanides, "but do your friends give back as much as they get from you?" As Uranus shifts into your 11th house of community, you may be inspired to reassess the depth you seek from your social circle, and find new ways to receive it.


"Career is the area of your life most in flux with Uranus in Taurus, and as it retrogrades, you could question the decisions you've made in the past couple years," says Lang. While reckoning with just what you want to do work-wise could mean launching a job search, it could also mean realigning your approach to your current job, so that you're living to work and not just working to live. With some out-of-the-box thinking, you could very well uncover creative ways to feel more fulfilled in the job you have, adds Lang.


Uranus transits into your ninth house of travel and learning, prompting a deep desire for adventure that may feel difficult to act upon based on both regular work and home responsibilities and the limitations spawned by the pandemic. Rather than feeling thwarted, think of venturing inward to uncover restrictive tendencies that could be getting in the way of freedom in your everyday life. "Yes, you're practical and pragmatic, but there is more to you than that," says Marmanides. "Spend this transit considering what you might read or learn, or where you might travel to expand your image of yourself when the chance presents itself."


There are a couple distinct ways that the Uranus retrograde could manifest for you, Libra. As Uranus moves into your eighth house—which rules over sex, death, transformation, mental health, and other people's resources within your life—it's possible that you'll be inspired to reckon with your inner foundations and capability for emotional intimacy, both with yourself and with others, says Marmanides. And it's also possible that questions or surprises surrounding taxes, inheritance, or a partner or friend's money come to fruition, says Lang. Overall, take this time to consider where your true value lies, and how it might extend beyond the realm of hard work and monetary payoff.


A time of growth is in store with regard to your closest partners or loved ones, Scorpio. Uranus travels into your seventh house of marriage and relationships in this backward transit, shaking things up in terms of how you may view a significant other. "Reflect on the meaning of freedom in the context of a relationship," says Lang. "You may feel the need to control your life, but that's not necessarily true freedom." This retrograde is a chance to address any potential control tendencies and align yourself to a more satisfying push-pull dynamic in your intimate relationships.


Your physical health may be at the forefront of your mind, Sagittarius, as Uranus moves into your sixth house of health, wellness, and daily rituals. The energetic shift could encourage you to seek out new ways to optimize your well-being, says Lang. And given Uranus is the planet of innovative disruption, that could lead you down technological paths, perhaps by way of a new fitness- or sleep-tracking device. It's also possible that you simply feel encouraged to break from your regular routine (Sag is ever the adventure-seeker, after all), perhaps by going on a midday walk or finding a new meditative or breathwork practice to relieve stress at the end of a day.


You share some of the same practicality-driven characteristics of compatible Earth sign Taurus, where Uranus resides in this transit, opening the way for positive self-reflection. This is a time to consider what you'd do if you didn't have to work, says Marmanides—which could understandably require some soul-searching given your naturally career-oriented drive. To be specific, Uranus will move into your fifth house of pleasure and creativity, encouraging you to find news avenues of self-expression and romance. The challenge of the retrograde will come as you attempt to square these creative opportunities with your innate desire for pragmatism.


A sense of upheaval or change at home may arise with the Uranus retrograde of 2021, as its disruptive tendencies affect your fourth house of home, parents and parental figures, and foundations. "Uranus is asking you to redefine what it means to come home and to be at home with yourself," says Marmanides. If your current environment feels stifling, this may be the time to change it up, either upgrading your place in some tangible way, or moving to a new one.

Or, it's possible that outside forces will do the shaking up for you, with family members entering or leaving your space—in which case, says Lang, it's best to tease out the potential upsides of these disruptions, which may reveal themselves more clearly down the line.


Communication, learning, and networking will be emphasized in this transit for you, intuitive Pisces. Uranus shifts into your third house of intellect, expression, and local community, encouraging you to revisit subjects you loved in school with fresh eyes, or to find new ways to share your thoughts in professional or social settings, or on social media.

But it's important to think carefully about the words you use, as Uranus retrograde underlines the impact of your words on others, says Marmanides: "Use this transit to think differently about how you communicate and what you can do to make sure you're being heard."

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