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Uranus Retrograde Could Inspire a Collective Plot Twist—Here’s What That Means for Your Sign

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Innovative Uranus, known for ruling over all things paradigm-busting, has recently been making cosmic waves. At the start of the month, it met up in the sky with action-oriented Mars and the fated north node in the exact same degree of Taurus, pushing us all to shake up the status quo. Now, the planet is poised to double down on that change-focused energy. On August 24, Uranus goes retrograde for its yearly backspin, where it’ll remain until January 22, 2023. This time, the movement could feel particularly powerful, encouraging an abrupt release of old habits.

“Uranus is the planetary revolutionary, rebel, and the ‘Great Awakener,’ showing us the progress and possibility ahead if we choose a new path,” says astrologer Madi Murphy, co-founder of spiritual wellness platform CosmicRx. Because it’s one of the generational (rather than personal) planets, its effect tends to be collective in nature, driving large-scale change. But that certainly doesn’t mean you won’t feel its energetic vibe in your own personal way.

When Uranus stations retrograde, its energy is particularly potent. “Like an alarm clock, Uranus in retrograde could jolt you out of your sleep, causing you to wake up to a new reality and release anything in your life that may no longer be authentic or supportive,” says Murphy. “Wherever things feel stagnant or stuck in a rut, Uranus could deliver a surprise or plot twist.”

That disruption could feel uncomfortable, especially because this Uranus retrograde is in Taurus—a fixed sign that’s notoriously anti-change and rules over such foundational areas of life as money, values, and security. But worthwhile change rarely comes easily. “Uranus is about trading social acceptance and comfortability for radical authenticity,” says Murphy, “particularly in the realms of social activism and standing up for what’s right.” In other words, Uranus-related change is all about uplifting the greater good; if doing so requires leaving your comfort zone, expect to do just that.

Exactly how this transit will push you toward change will depend on how it interacts with your birth chart—in particular, your sun sign (aka the sign that reflects your core identity) and rising sign (the sign that reveals how you show up in the world). Below, Murphy breaks down how this Uranus retrograde in Taurus could affect each sign, in particular, so you can brace for impact.

Here's how this Uranus retrograde may affect each zodiac sign, according to an astrologer


Prepare for this transit to shake up your relationship with money or the way you acquire it, Aries. It’s falling in your second house of resources and values, which could have you questioning whether the way you make money—or perhaps the way you measure your worth—is in alignment with your values, says Murphy. “Ask yourself if there’s a way to bring in more financial freedom for yourself now,” she says. “Pursue any out-of-the-blue opportunities you get during this time as they could promise a payday down the line.”


Hold on tight, Taurus. Given this retrograde is happening in your sign, it could prompt a whole self-transformation. “Over the next few months, you may be feeling like a new ‘you’ wants to emerge, and it may not always be comfy,” says Murphy. In one way or another, you’ll be pushed to break out of stagnancy or stuckness and uncover a new iteration of your authentic self. “Don’t be afraid to be seen in a whole new light,” says Murphy.


Are you feeling a little more deep or introspective than normal, Gemini? This is a time to embrace that vibe and turn inward, as Uranus activates your twelfth house of spiritual growth, karma, and the inner psyche. “Make sure to make time for spiritual self care,” says Murphy. That could mean practicing meditation, breathwork, or simply giving yourself a much-needed rest. “Something old could resurface during this time, but just know that that’s part of your healing,” says Murphy. “See if you can find a way to create emotional closure for it in your heart.”


Your cosmic shakeup could arrive within your social networks, Cancer. This transit activates your eleventh house of friendship and community, which could turn your attention toward opportunities for rekindling old relationships or beginning new ones. “Keep your eyes peeled for invitations to get involved with cause-oriented groups or game-changing projects,” says Murphy. “This transit could very well guide you right to your people, if you make your true self known.”


You’re due for a career check-in, Leo. With Uranus hitting your tenth house of public reputation, work, and achievement, you could find yourself evaluating how your work is (or isn’t) serving you on your life’s path. “You may need to slow down before you can speed up,” says Murphy. “Ask yourself: Am I being called to review or revise my ambitions? Or, am I, perhaps, being pulled toward making my passion my career?” However you answer these questions now could spark some plot twists in the near future.


A new perspective or personal philosophy could be on the horizon, Virgo. This Uranus retrograde touches your ninth house of expansion and exploration, which could push you to activate your mind in new ways. That could mean unexpected travel comes your way, or perhaps certain plans are canceled in favor of others, says Murphy. Either way, you’re poised for spiritual and intellectual growth, so long as you stay curious.


It’s time to unearth your biggest demons, Libra. Like Gemini, you could be feeling really deep these days, as this transit touches your intimate eighth house of sex and inner power. “Try to invite your dark side into the light,” says Murphy. “You don’t need to escape darkness; instead, you can learn to love this part of yourself all the same.” In doing so, you could find a new opportunity for intimacy and sensuality on a deeper level.


You can expect change to occur within your closest relationships, platonic and romantic, as this transit hits your seventh house of partnerships. “Any romantic interests or friendships that have been draining or toxic may fade away as Uranus does its backspin,” says Murphy, “and any solid, healthy relationships could have the chance to grow even deeper.” It’s also possible that a new significant connection could form around this time, she adds. “Just be sure to apply the lessons you’ve learned about self-worth and autonomy to any relationships you’re forming now.”


Uranus’s retrograde is happening in your sixth house of health and wellness, which means it could serve as a reminder of the importance of self-care. “Consider what self-care routines you may have let slip or that you’ve been missing in your daily life,” says Murphy. “This is a time to put yourself first with habits and rituals that make you feel more empowered and clear-headed.” That might just mean being sure to drink lots of water, get enough sleep each night, and move your body daily.


You get a reputation for being a little intense, but this transit is pushing you to do just the opposite and lighten up. Uranus is highlighting your fifth house of artistic expression, pleasure, and playfulness, which could activate your creativity and inner child. This transit could be an opportunity to heal the part of yourself that connects you to your truest essence, says Murphy: “Bask in your sunshine, and try to let pleasure, not pressure, guide you.”


Prepare for change on the homefront, Aquarius. “Because Uranus retrograde falls in your fourth house of home and family life, this planetary backspin could influence your sense of security, familial connections, and possibly, your actual home,” says Murphy. “Look to where you may feel called to heal some generational patterns or make healthy changes to your living environment.” Thanks, again, to the innovative energy of Uranus, you could also feel motivated to break free from expectations of parents or other relatives and carve your own path, adds Murphy.


As a mostly internal, intuition-driven sign, yours may not typically be the loudest voice in the room. But, this tone-shifting Uranus retrograde is asking you to see what might happen if it was. The transit falls in your third house of communication, teaching, and learning, which could leave you feeling especially curious and motivated. “You may have the opportunity to tap into a whole new mindset or perspective, and to share your ideas and voice,” says Murphy. “They are potent and powerful, and despite what you may think, the world is ready for them.”

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