Urban Outfitters Just Launched a Line of Chic Faux Plants and Flowers—so No Green Thumb Required

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Keeping a plant alive isn't always as an easy task, even when you think you've found the type that can survive without light. Inevitably, you (fine, I) will leave for a weekend getaway, a work trip, or a spring break vacation and forget all about the green friends that were left out to rot. You might as well give up all hope of that the bouquet of flowers forced to fend for itself will in any way resemble the lush, colorful arrangement you left behind.

So how can you delight in the feng-shui benefits of greenery on your nightstand without the disappointment of having to toss a shriveled succulent? The solution is simple: faux plants and flowers. And Urban Outfitters just released a line of them—available online and select varieties in stores—that's as chic as it is unkillable.

The store's Instagram-worthy faux greenery options—starting at $6 and capping out at $100 for the human-size fake blooms, or flooms, if you will—feature flora beyond your basic fake spider plant or fern, like pink peonies, cherry blossoms, and even giant Strelitzia leaves (think bird-of-paradise plants). Although you won't get the same air-purifying benefits as you would from the IRL version, these still add a mood-boosting pop of life to your living space—especially if you pair them with energy-charged crystals.

Indulge your black thumb with the beautiful faux greenery.

House your new faux plants in one of these sculpture-like vases or in a chic wall planter

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