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Your Amazon Alexa Can Make Your Home Healthier—Here’s How

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If you grew up with movies like Smart House, Iron Man, and Clueless, chances are you’ve been dreaming of, well, a “smart house” since you were pre-teen. A kitchen that can literally cook you breakfast; a closet that can help you get ready in the morning; a way to clean your apartment without lifting a finger.

It all felt so sci-fi then, but it's a reality now. Ladies like Siri and Alexa have got your back: They greet you in the morning, brew your coffee for you, and even check the weather before turning on your "Wake Up Happy" playlist. And that's all before you've even lifted your head from the pillow.

Sure, sure—there's a lot of chatter surrounding the risks of overdoing it with tech (too much of it, especially in the bedroom, can mess with your sleep patterns, your skin, and even your relationship), but even I have to admit there are about a zillion ways it can make your life easier—and even healthier—as long as you use it responsibly.

Here, some of healthiest, most wellness-approved ways to use technology to turn your home into a smart—or dare I say genius—place to live.

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Coffee on bed
Photo: Stocksy/Lumina

Brew your coffee while still in bed

“Alexa, brew my coffee.” No sweeter words have ever been spoken—especially when it means that you’ll be able to get your morning caffeine fix a mere moments after you step out of bed. If you link up your coffee pot to a smart plug, you can get things going while you squeeze in a few last seconds of snooze time. Sadly, technology still can’t mix the perfect matcha latte, but here’s hoping that 2019 has that in store.

Never worry about leaving your straightening iron on

The stress of trying to remember whether or not you unplugged the straightener before leaving the house is enough to undo even the most zen-inducing meditation. With smart plugs linked up to an Amazon Echo, you can command your house to turn off your hot tools (or anything else in your home) on your way out the door. Good riddancemid-commute meltdown about whether or not you unplugged your hot tool.

Woman under lamp
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Set some mood lighting

We may finally be moving past SAD season, but that doesn’t mean the lighting in your home should be ignored. Use a smart light like the Philips Hue, which you can adjust using voice commands when they’re hooked up to the right tech. You can wake up with a warm glow, then fall asleep with an entirely different vibe. “At night you want to lower the light, and you really want to turn your lights down low so that your body can get ready to go to sleep,” says Dr. Jeffrey Rossman. With the right bulbs, it's easier than ever.

Check your air quality

Here’s a not-so-fun fact: The air in your home may actually be dirtier than the air outside. So no matter how well your air-purifying indoor plant jungle may be working, it’s still important to know what’s floating around in there. A futuristic device called the Awair monitors the chemicals in the air, and even offers helpful tips on how to keep it clean.

Never vacuum again

I’m not going to lie: Every time there’s a chore that needs to be done, I can’t help but wish I had an IRL version of the Jetson’s Rosie to take care of things on my behalf. Thanks to the Roomba, things are getting pretty close to the cartoon world of 2062. I can now lay on the couch and say, “Alexa, vacuum the floor,” and when I stand up things will be spotless. Lazy? Maybe. Worth it so I don’t have to pause my episode of Westworld? Absolutely.

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