5 Actually Useful Mother’s Day Gifts for Working Moms

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You obviously want to get the total boss moms in your life a Mother's Day gift that shows you know she deserves something special for her hustle—but even better is getting her a gift that makes her life easier.

That's why we rounded up five life-changing gifts that will totally beat out a bouquet of flowers in thoughtfulness factor, and are guaranteed to be something she'll actually be pumped to use.

We've rounded up five life-changing gifts that will totally beat out a bouquet of flowers in thoughtfulness factor.

From a curated gift basket stocked with dreamy-scented, non-toxic cleaning products from The Laundress (AKA the high-efficiency, eco-friendly line of cleaning products you've been waiting for) to a healthy meal delivery subscription for streamlined weeknight dinners, you'll be giving her the gift of making her day-to-day a little bit breezier—and there's really no better gift than that.

Scroll down for five gift ideas any busy mom will heart.

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Photo: The Laundress

Luxury clean gift basket

Cleaning the house (and doing the laundry, and washing the dishes...) is just a fact of life, but you can turn it into a luxe experience for any mama by gifting her natural cleaning essentials from The Laundress.

With everything from Le Labo Rose 31 Signature Detergent to a Clean Break Kit for staging a breakup with harsh chemicals in her household products, chore time will feel more like a mindful ritual—thanks to you.


the laundress mother's day gift guide
Photo: Dyson

Super speedy hair dryer

She always means to fit in time to blow dry her hair in the morning, but sometimes when the kids are running around and her email is blowing up it just isn't in the cards. Gifting her the mother of all blowdryers (the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer) will drastically reduce her time spent primping—so she can still feel polished and put together, even on her craziest mornings.

home chef meal delivery service
Photo: Home Chef

Healthy food delivery subscription

Shave off her time in the kitchen (which you know she'd way rather be spending with her fam) by signing her up for a healthy meal-kit service from Home Chef. With pre-portioned ingredients and no grocery-shopping required, pulling together weeknight dinners will be a cinch. Psst: You can get smoothies, too!

the laundress mother's day gift guide
Photo: Amazon

Sunrise clock

Maximizing quality zzz's (and waking up ready to rock) is high priority for a busy mama. This alarm clock slowly lights up in the morning, mimicking an actual sunrise, so she can have the most peaceful wakeup possible before the flurry of daytime activities begin.

the laundress mother's day
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On-demand beauty appointment

She deserves some chill time, but finding a free hour to go to a salon can feel like just another chore. Book her an appointment with in-home beauty service Priv instead, which provides all the relaxation of getting a massage, mani, facial, and more from her own personal pad. It's official: You won gift-giving.

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