Don’t Fight the Universe—Stay at the Perfect Vacation Rental for Your Zodiac Sign

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When you're knee-deep in Pinterest pins while on the hunt for travel inspo, the sheer number of possibilities can feel overwhelming. After all, the world is ginormous, full of majestic lights, tropical jungles, and pig-populated beaches. So when in doubt, why not entrust the decision to the cosmos?

Rental-property platform VRBO recently curated properties around the globe that appeal to each of the 12 zodiac signs. Pisces needs to take their PTO to chill the eff out, Tauruses need to indulge, and Leos crave some me, me, me-time (no surprises here). Below, learn which destination is basically written in the stars for your next adventure.

Here's the vacation rental that's ideal for your sign.

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Aquarius: Grand Canyon National Park, starting at $150 per night

Aquarius folks thrive on being fiercely independent at every opportunity. So when you've blocked out a week on your Google Cal to GTFO of the office, go bold with your destination of choice.

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Pisces: North Oregon Coast, starting at $109 per night

The fish zodiac sign is a big fan of the "do not disturb" sign...from the first to the last day of their vacay. Choose a spot, like this Pacific Northwest respite, where you can chill in deep solitude.

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Aries: Honolulu, HI, starting at $1,200 per night

According to VRBO, an Aries needs "action" during vacation. However you interpret that advice, my guess is you'll have a better time doing it in Hawaii than pretty much anywhere else.

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Taurus: Jackson Hole, WY, starting at $385 per night

The ever-indulgent Taurus prefers for holidays to be anything but minimal. So, spring for that eight-course tasting-menu meal, and stay at this darling cabin in Jackson Hole that's only aesthetically rustic.

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Gemini: Venice, CA, starting at $471 per night

You, Gemini, need that element of surprise and delight when you park your suitcase on the opposite side of your rental's front door. Good thing this Venice bungalow is just blocks from the beach and has plenty of novelty in store.

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Cancer: San Juan Islands, WA, starting at $321 per night

When the crabs say the want peace, they mean it. Leave them alone on this glorious oceanfront porch to meditate on the true nature of life.

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Leo: The Hamptons, NY, starting at $775 per night

When the Hamptons are in full, high-season swing during the summertime, Leos are basically living their best lives. They like to be the center of attention—and renting a house like this one is a pretty good first step.

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Virgo: Chicago, IL, starting at $142 per night

Virgos like everything to be jusssstttt so. And thus, a sleek apartment with a modern design is exactly what the proverbial travel planner ordered.

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Libra: Muir Beach, CA, starting at $775 per night

For a Libra, packing a suitcase and heading toward a destination will re-inspire them.

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Scorpio: Juneau, AK, starting at $280 per night

According to VRBO, the scorpions of the zodiac need to rediscover their balance when they step away from their day jobs. And, I mean, just look at this living room and try not to feel your own sense of equilibrium return, regardless of your sign.

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Sagittarius: New York City, NY, starting at $399 per night

This fire sign needs. constant. stimulation. So while the NYC locals may loathe Times Square with every fiber of their being, chances are, Sag tourists will be dancing in the rush-ticket line for Broadway shows.

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Capricorn: Hudson Valley, NY, starting at $240 per night

Capricorns just want to spend their days off in their hygge wonderland of choice. And this rental has "snuggly" written all over it—from the firepit to the sectional.

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