11 Artisan, Outside-the-Box Chocolates You’ll Want To Snag for Valentine’s Day—Or Any Occasion

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We can all agree the best part of Valentine's Day is the chocolate, right? Lacy lingerie, sparkly jewelry, a bouquet of (ethically-sourced) roses—sure, they're nice. But the one gift that always sends our hearts a-flutter is a box of sweet, decadent truffles or bonbons (and the post-holiday candy sales to boot).

And no, I'm not talking about the stereotypical heart-shaped candy box you can pick up at the drugstore. Again, are they nice? Yep. But will they leave us in a sugar rush so satiated, so saccharine, we might cancel our date night plans all-together to munch our way through an entire box? Eh... not so much.

Lucky for you, these artisan Valentine's Day chocolates will leave you in a state of sugar-coated bliss. Rather than giving (or buying yourself) one of the ole' grocery store candy-boxes, indulge in something a little sweeter (or certainly more interesting) this year. From hand-curated chocolates made by Michelin-starred chefs, to colorful caramels so pretty they deserve their own art exhibit, these creative confectionaries beat the drugstore option any day.

Artisan Valentine's Day chocolates that will leave you lovestruck

Jcoco, Prism Gift Box — $36.00

You’ve perhaps had sea salt caramel or raspberry dark chocolate, but have you had cayenne veracruz orange? How about black fig pistachio? This artisan tasting set features 10 bars of decadent dark chocolate blended with unique flavors perfectly matched to their cacao notes. Get ready to taste chocolate like never before.

Miss Maudes, Why Choose? 8 Flavor Chocolate Bar — $15.00

This chocolate bar answers the question many sugar lovers have been wondering since the beginning of time—why choose one flavor, when you can have eight? Each piece is a different note, all labelled with an easy-to-read engraving. That way, there’s no guesswork. “Earl Grey” tastes like your favorite tea, while “Champagne” bubbles with crisp, fresh flavor.

Hu Kitchen, Chocolate Variety Pack — $48.00

You can’t write a chocolate round-up and not include Hu Kitchen—it’s a goldmine for mouth-watering sweets that use the simplest ingredients without any animal byproducts, gluten, dairy, or soy. The variety box contains 8 best-sellers that put the surprises of the cardboard heart to shame.

Lake Champlain Chocolates, Vegan Chocolate Truffles — $18.00

If you’re on the hunt for a good chocolate with a good cause, check out Lake Champlain Chocolates. The family-owned brand has been making mouth-watering confections in Vermont since 1983. Now, it’s expanded into a certified B-corp that ships its delectable treats nationwide. Their menu is hard to narrow down, but if we had to choose, we’d go with these vegan truffles that take raspberry dark chocolate to a whole new level.

Sugarfina, Love Letters Tasting Collection — $38.00

If your sweet tooth craves candy over chocolate, check out this adorable collection from Sugarfina. The packaging looks like if Cupid made his own advent calendar, swapping holiday iconography for something a little more lovestruck. Open each “valentine” and find a sweet snack inside, like champagne gummy bears, chocolate covered cookie dough, and winter berry sparkle pops.

Seattle Chocolate, Take Me Anywhere Heart Box — $21.00

Sure, it’s in an expected heart-shaped box—but this one gets a pass. First, it’s made by Seattle Chocolate, a woman-owned chocolate company that’s committed to making artisan sweets sustainably and ethically. Second, the flavors are ridiculous—bite into flavors like Mexican hot chocolate, hazelnut butter, and pink bubbly, and see what we mean.

Sarah Anyieth, Painted With Love Chocolate BonBons — $32.00

Can’t decide between flowers and chocolate? Give both with this floral box of bonbons from Uncommon Goods that blows away the drugstore bag of chocolates. Each candy is hand-painted in a flower design using naturally dyed cocoa butter. The fillings are just as thoughtful, flavored with rose, strawberry, and chocolate cake.

Sugar Plum, Wine Bottle Truffle Box — $55.00

The only thing better than chocolate is wine, but why not get the best of both world’s on V-Day? Now you can with this wine bottle truffle box that includes 12 varieties including some very boozy options, like Champagne, Kahlua/white Russian, and buttered rum.

Phillip Ashley Chocolates, Designer Caramels — $75.00

This box of designer caramels doubles as a work of art. Handcrafted by award-winning chef Phillip Ashley, who is dubbed “the real life Willy Wonka,” these indulgent candies look like something out of a museum. Their flavors are also incredible—each caramel dons a different flavor, ranging from tried-and-true classics like vanilla and bourbon, to out-of-the-box blends like pear and lavender. Mmm…

Compartes, Gourmet Chocolate Truffles Gift Box - 10 Piece — $33.00

Want more color and “wow”? Check out Compartes. This box of truffles will certainly impress your date (or yourself) with the pop of color and abstract patterns. As for the flavors, they’re divine, too, and change seasonally so you really might not know what you’re gonna get. Choose from the luxe black box or a festive marbled red.

Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolates, Chef's Selection - 24 Pieces — $109.00

If you’re willing to splurge, do it on this 24-piece hand-curated set from Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolates. They’re made by Michelin-starred chef Gabriel Kreuther and pastry chef-slash-Master Chocolatier Marc Aumont, who partnered together in 2016 to start the brand. Since then, their confections have racked up awards and a devoted following. For $109, you can see for yourself what the fuss is about with this heavenly assortment.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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