21 Unexpected Gifts for Foodies for Valentine’s Day That Are All Under $100

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Valentine’s Day might be the day of love, but that doesn’t mean that you can only give mushy-gushy, heart-shaped gifts. In fact, it goes a very long way if, instead, you focus on your Valentine’s biggest interests to show them not only how much you care, but how well you know them, too.

With that in mind, today we’re here to cater to the foodies of the world. Whether your Valentine is a nostalgic ‘90s babe, someone who can't get enough of The Great British Bake Off and the idea of crafting beautiful cakes, or someone simply looking to elevate their at-home cooking, ahead you’ll find unique Valentine’s Day foodie gifts under $100 that are sure to make them swoon (and bake you a batch of cookies, hopefully).

Best foodie gifts for Valentine's Day

fancy sprinkles breakable heart decorating kit
Fancy Sprinkles, Old Flame Breakable Heart Decorating Kit — $82.00

There’s no better way to encourage a candy connoisseur than with a Fancy Sprinkles Breakable Heart Decorating Set, which includes a silicone mold, a wooden mallet, prep letter decorations, and more. All you have to do is squeeze the melted candy into the mold and let it freeze. Once frozen, take your wooden mallet and start smashing to eat your edible surprise.

bokksu snack
Bokksu, Snack Box (One Month) — $50.00

Explore Japanese culture with a Bokksu box or subscription. Each box is packed with authentic Japanese snacks and foods like manju, a rice ball filled with sweet fillings like red bean, salted mochi gummies, green tea chocolate bars, black sesame wafer cookies, and so much more.

levain bakery cookie assortment
Levain Bakery, Cookie Assortment (Pack of 4) — $29.00

Forget about store-bought cookies! This four pack of Levain Bakery’s gooey cookies is perfect for sweet tooth lovers. Featuring four of the bakery’s iconic flavors: chocolate chip walnut, dark chocolate chip, dark chocolate peanut butter chip, and oatmeal raisin. Did someone say yummy?

vahdam teas weekend in paris
Vahdam Teas, Weekend in Paris — $30.00

If your Valentine prefers tea over coffee, they’ll go heart-eyed over this tea set from Vahdam Teas. Packaged in a Paris-themed box, this set contains 12 different flavors, from chocolate vanilla herbal tea to vanilla spice masala chai to spice up the day of love.

la colombe be mine gift box
La Colombe, Be Mine Gift Box — $30.00

We love La Colombe coffee, and this limited edition roast is what you need to kickstart Valentine’s Day. The blend is flavorful, offering a sweet, nutty, and fruit flavor, and the kit comes with a red, XOXO mug—which is very on trend.

the popcorn factory love you in all languages
The Popcorn Factory, Love You In All Languages — $30.00

If your Valentine loves an at-home movie night just as much as they love to experience bold new flavors, the Popcorn Factory is a great Valentine’s Day gift idea. It includes three familiar flavors: Butter, cheese, and caramel.

uncommon goods truffle kit
Uncommon Goods, Truffle Kit — $25.00

For an experience-oriented Valentine’s Day, consider this truffle kit. Featuring bags of dark chocolate chips, organic cocoa powder, coconut flakes, and vanilla and peppermint extracts, you and your loved one will have everything you need to DIY melt-in-your-mouth goodies.


angel food
Goldbelly, Gift Card — $25.00

You might not have the time or money to take your Valentine to every 5-star restaurant in the country, but with Goldbelly, you can gift them the taste bud experience. Luckily for foodies everywhere, Goldbelly ships top-rated dishes from over 900 popular restaurants in the U.S., including from top chefs like José Andrés and Daniel Boulud. Most recently, the brand teamed up with Martha Stewart to launch its very own collection of cookies and pastries. Needless to say, Goldbelly is a fantastic gift for foodies of all kinds.

photo of five omsom kits
Omsom, The Best Seller Set — $55.00

Newsflash: Cooking delicious Asian food at home is easier than ever with Omsom’s popular sauces and seasonings. Since picking just one or two flavors is way too difficult, we recommend opting for the Best Seller Set so that your Valentine can taste the delicious difference Omsom makes firsthand. You’ll get to taste spicy Korean bulgogi, Japanese yuzu miso glaze, and more savory flavors.

dash mini waffle maker
Dash, Mini Heart Waffle Maker — $10.00

Valentine’s Day starts at breakfast, and you can whip up food on theme on the day of love with this heart-shaped waffle maker. Featuring a 4-inch, non-stick surface, the Dash whips up mini hearts in minutes without sticking to the surface. Since it’s so small, it makes a great gift for a Valentine who lives in smaller spaces.

bachan japanese bbq sauce
Bachan, Japanese Barbecue Sauce (Pack of 2) — $24.00

Salty and sweet, this Teryaki-like glaze works as a great marinade for meat, vegetables, rice, and more. It’s formulated with tasty ingredients like mirin, green onion, ginger, garlic, and sesame oil.

sichuan gold
Fly By Jing, Sichuan Gold — $14.00

Make Valentine’s Day extra ~hot~ with Fly By Jing’s newest hot sauce: Sichuan Gold. It’s nine times hotter than the brand’s classic Chili Oil (so hot, in fact, it was featured on Hot Ones). It’s made with Sichuan Tribute Peppers for a next-level kick.

See's, Sugar Free Dark Bars — $12.00

You can always count on See’s to delight someone on any given holiday (or day—more random chocolate gifting, we say!). And while See’s has the best heart-shaped box chocolate assortments (the fillings are so unique and scrumptious), they also have some of the best sugar-free options for folks who have diabetes or people simply watching their sugar intake. These dark chocolate bars are so rich and decadent, they surely don’t *taste* like they’re missing sugar.

mumgry chocolate hazelnut spread
Mumgry, Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Spread — $15.00

This is next-level Nutella. Made with only the best ingredients, Mumgry’s hazelnut spread is made with hazelnuts and dark chocolate. Every single jar is hand-filled, and tastes super fresh. Founder Lilian Umurungi-Jung was inspired to start a nut butter brand when she was pregnant with her son Apollo and shopping—she noticed there just weren’t enough snacks that took dietary restrictions into consideration, especially for pregnant people. And thus, Mumgry was born—and we are better (and more full) for it.


charcuterie board
Uncommon Goods, Sliding Cheese and Snack Board — $60.00

Hosting is a love language, and you can express good vibes with this sliding charcuterie board. Made of acacia wood, this board provides a full-service experience for nibbling on cheeses, crackers, and olives. Plus, it comes with four ceramic dishes, so you can enjoy your favorite dips. Level up your next soirée.

Fishwife, Cantabrian Anchovies in Extra Virgin Olive Oil — $27.00

Trying to find a surprising gift for the person in your life who loves to cook? Get them anchovies. Seriously. Anchovies add a distinctive umami flavor to anything you’re cooking—whether that’s pasta (mmmm, Alison Roman’s Shallot Pasta) or avocado toast. And instead of grabbing a can from the store, get them this beautiful tin from Fishwife. The anchovies are hand-packed by a family-owned cannery on the Cantabrian coast and the fish are sourced from an MSC-certified, sustainable anchovy fishery. The taste is extra delicious thanks to the special salt-curing process (lasting six to eight months to get that flavor!).

caraway fry pan
Caraway, Fry Pan — $95.00

Get yourself (or your giftee) the fry pan that does it all. Fries an egg? Check. Whips up some veggies and protein in a jiffy? Check! It’s a fry pan, but it’s even deep enough to use to make sauces. With it’s non-toxic, non-stick ceramic coating, clean-up is a breeze, and nothing—not even the meltiest of cheeses—will stick to this pan.

red velvet coffee
Grounds & Hounds, Limited Edition Red Velvet Cupcake Coffee — $15.00

Available as whole bean or ground, Grounds & Hounds offers a variety of delicious, smooth coffees—including this red velvet flavor that has notes of milk chocolate, graham cracker, and a touch of vanilla and cane sugar. It’s a slice of cake in mug—with caffeine. This one is limited addition, but the coffee brand has plenty of other flavors to choose from. Best of all, 20 percent of all profits help at-risk pups, so you’re not only enjoying the best cup of coffee ever, but you’re helping save doggos.


lunar variety pack
Lunar, Variety Pack — $16.00

For a fruity sip, Lunar’s Seltzer packs a flavorful punch. This variety pack contains quality seltzer made from fresh ingredients, such as yuzu, lychee puree, monk fruit, and mango puree.

chamberlain hot chocolate
Chamberlain Coffee, Cocoa Grizzly Hot Chocolate — $14.00

There’s nothing cozier than a hot mug of hot cocoa, and Chamberlain makes some of the best, most decadent around. It’s rich and delicious, yet easy to stir in with some hot milk (or water). You can easily make a regular chocolate milk if that’s more your thing. We love this stuff enough to subscribe to it, but if you’re only ready to commit to just one bag, it’s currently on sale. Cheers!

Eataly, Festa in the Alps! Box — $98.00

If you can’t swing an Italian getaway, bring Italy to you with one of Eataly’s gift baskets. (If you haven’t been to an Eataly location, it deserves a spot on your bucket list—it’s an Italian marketplace with a variety of restaurants serving authentic Italian cuisine, and there’s not a lot else like it, unless you’re in Italy!) This one features polenta, Giraudi milk chocolate with hazelnuts, limoncello-filled chocolates, honey, panettone, bolognese, truffles and mushroom sauce, and more.


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