30 of the Best Self-Care Gifts To Show Yourself Some Extra Love This Valentine’s Day

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Though I can confidently admit that I'm pretty happy being single, after the past year of social distancing and limited dating, I've never been more tempted to order myself a bouquet of flowers on February 14th. The pandemic has been hard on everyone, but with the big day just around the corner and love heavy in the air (or at least, every shop window and website homepage), this year, self-love is truly the name of the game.

Parks and Recreation's Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford may have coined the phrase, “treat yourself ” a decade (yes, that long!) ago, but in this new quarantined world, the movement carries on with a newfound force. Whether you're single or paired up this V-Day, keep scrolling for our Valentine's Day gift guide—which includes pans you can use to whip up a candlelit meal for one and jewels that will add a little extra sparkle to your solo sweatpants wardrobe—that are sure to give you heart eyes when they (surprise!) show up outside your door.

Shop our self-care Valentine's Day gift guide to show a little extra love to Y-O-U

1. Boy Smells LES Candle, $32

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With notes of black currant, peach blossom, jasmine rice, cardamom and white cedar, the LES Candle is a scent exploration that embraces the eclectic culture of New York's Lower East Side. It's perfect for bath time and bedtime alike.

Shop now: Boy Smells Les Candle, $32

2. Aurate Vintage Emerald Cut Ring, $300

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Fit for a queen, this ring has big-time The Crown vibes. With four classic stone options, this ring will make you feel like the royal you are.

Shop now: Aurate Vintage Emerald Cut Ring, $300

3. Mayne & Co. St. Valentine's Box, $125

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Maybe & Co is bringing you a whole party packed inside a little package. The lineup? Eight cans of The Modern Mimosa, six macarons, a mimosa scented candle, fancy cocktail napkins, and custom stationery. What more could you need for your cozy, (Zoom) Galentine's Day festivities!?

Shop now: Mayne & Co. St. Valentine's Box, $125

4. Milk+Honey Bath Soak No.18, $28

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When thinking of self care, baths are the first thing that comes to mind. Whether you're soaking in one to treat aches and pains or simply for the sake of a soothing night in, this potent muscle soak is packed with eucalyptus, arnica, rosemary, and sweet marjoram for ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation.

Shop now: Milk+Honey Bath Soak No.18, $28

5. Uwila Warrior Sustainable Robe, $183

Think of this cozy, luxurious bathrobe as the ultimate self-care gift. Why? Because when it comes to top-of-the-line comfort and high-end breathable fabric, Uwila Warrior is unmatched. This robe is made from sustainably-sourced wood pulp and has four strategically-located pockets—good luck getting yourself to take it off. (The color's called Nirvana for a reason.)

Shop now: Uwila Warrior Sustainable Robe, $183

6. Kat Maconie Daya Pump, $324

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Taking yourself out (or in) on a date is the ultimate treat. For that, you need the right outfit, which starts with the perfect pair of shoes. These color-blocked leather pumps are the statement piece you need to step into a restaurant (or the kitchen) with style.

Shop now: Kat Maconie Daya Pump, $324

7. FluffCo Down Alternative Pillow, $45

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After the year that we've had, a solid night of sleep is the ultimate gift you can give yourself. Though you've probably been spending less time than usual flopping onto perfectly made hotel beds, this pillow was designed to bring your favorite part of those luxury sleeping experiences into your own bedroom.

Shop now: FluffCo Down Alternative Pillow, $45

8. Anya Lust Mageia Silk Robe, $469

If you grew up watching Gossip Girl imagining that one day you'd be decadent enough to stroll around your home wearing a silk robe without a care in the world, today is that day. Channel your inner Blair Waldorf and spend the holiday swathed in this saucy, festive, dressing gown.

Shop now: Anya Lust Mageia Silk Robe, $469

9. Hoya Heart Succulent, $30

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Not that we ever need a reason to buy another plant, but if you find a heart-shaped succulent baby, it would just be wrong not to add it to your growing collection. This potted pal comes in two styles, and most definitely sparks joy.

Shop now: Hoya Heart Succulent, $30

10. Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Earbuds, $110

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If you've been on the hunt for a new pair of buds, Samsung has answered your prayers and created their wireless bestsellers in a perfect Valentine's red. They fit cozily in your ears, are sleek and shiny, and even come with a case that looks just like a jewelry box for some added style.

Shop now: Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Earbuds, $110

11. Lelo Smart Wand 2 Handheld Massager, $199

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When it comes to this vibrator, the reviews speak for themselves. As one reviewer put it, "The Smart Wand’s magic power is to transport you to another planet without you doing anything.." Now that's a Valentine's gift that will have you saying, "yes, yes, YES!"

Shop now: Lelo Smart Wand 2 Handheld Massager, $199

12. Dior Lip Tattoo, $30

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Nothing screams "romance" like a red lip, and as Dolly Parton once said, "The redder the better." Bonus, this no-transfer tint will stay firmly in place under a mask.

Shop now: Dior Lip Tattoo, $30

13. Alo High-Waist Airlift Legging, $118

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Whether for sweating or for lounging, there is no such thing as having too many leggings. This pair from Alo feels like a second skin, so they are perfect for curling up on the couch for a solo movie date.

Shop now: Alo High-Waist Airlift Legging, $118

14. Brooklinen Weighted Comforter, $249

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After a year that saw limited hugging, it's only fair to invest in a blanket that feels like a cuddle. This weighted option engulfs you in an embrace as you snooze, ensuring your most peaceful rest yet.

Shop now: Brooklinen Weighted Comforter, $249

15. Fleur du Mal Violet Balconette Bra, $178

Whether or not anyone sees it, lingerie has the innate ability to make you feel sexy, so why not invest in a lacy set for your eyes only? This one's balconette cups have enough coverage to wear all day, but the lace gives it a fun, edgy vibe—even when layered under your shlumpiest sweatsuit.

Shop now: Fleur du Mal Violet Balconette Bra, $178

16. Our Place Always Pan, $145

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Three cheers for the pan that has taken over the world (or at least, the Instagram world). Made to replace your fry pan, sauté pan, steamer, skillet, saucer, saucepan, non-stick pan, spatula, and spoon rest, it's the ultimate multi-tasking kitchen essential for whipping up your favorite V-day meal.

Shop now: Our Place Always Pan, $175

17. Sticky Be 'Be Bright' Pom Pom Grip Socks, $16

Perfect for the barre or pilates lover, these fine cotton yarn grip socks will keep you secure no matter how sweaty your soles get when working out. They're super breathable, offer extra arch support, and have padded foot beds for tons of cushion and comfort. (That sounds like the ultimate love language to me.)

Shop now: Sticky Be 'Be Mine' Valentine's Day Grip Socks, $16

18. Morgan Lane Katelyn Pajama Set, $320

If you've been yearning for a mid-winter snooze snooze in the lap of luxury, this silk pajama set has got you covered. The festive pink will keep you in the mood, and the delicate buttons are downright adorable.

Shop now: Morgan Lane Katelyn Pajama Set, $320

19. Smythson Soho Notebook, $245

Notebooks are another one of those things that you can never have too many of. This one—with its gold-edged paper—makes for a perfect (and totally justifiable) addition to your collection.

Shop now: Smythson Soho Notebook, $245

20. Oradina Greek Medusa Medallion Necklace, $280

Who doesn't want to wear the fierce head of Medusa around their neck all day to remind them of their strength and power? Valentine's Day is the perfect time to add a little extra sparkle, and—bonus—this necklace is perfect for layering.

Shop now: Oradina Greek Medusa Medallion Necklace, $280

21. Blume Conversation Self Care Cards, $38

If you've got sex on the brain this Valentine's Day, you're in luck. Blume has created a deck of 152 sexual wellness conversation cards to answer any lingering questions you might have on the subject. Use these cards with friends to chat about breaking taboos or as a way to jumpstart your own research.

Shop now: Blume Conversation Self Care Cards, $38

22. SolaWave Wand, $149

When you're craving a facial from the comfort of your couch, this advanced skincare tool is all you need. It combines four powerful (and proven) dermatologic functions—microcurrents, red light therapy, warming, and vibration—into a very petite package.

Shop now: SolaWave Wand, $149

23. Jacq's Hibiscus and Aloe Organic Bath Bomb, $13

Give your self-care bath a festive fizz with this aromatic bath bomb, which will tint your tub pink and help you unwind.

Shop now: Jacq's Hibiscus and Aloe Organic Bath Bomb, $13

24. T3 Whirl Trio Convertible Styling Wand, $300

This celebrity-stylist fave hot tool creates effortless, long-lasting curls that will have you whipping your hair back and forth all day. It has five heat settings to style all hair types in one quick pass, which means you can sport lush waves on Valentine's day and every day thereafter.

Shop now: T3 Whirl Trio Convertible Styling Wand, $300

25. Pai Deep Cleanse AHA Mask, $57

Planning to celebrate your self love with an at-home spa day? This gentle, purifying mask is exactly what you need. It's both creamy and cooling, and the silky Kaolin clay helps to re-balance skin in just 10 minutes.

Shop now: Pai Deep Cleanse AHA Mask, $57

26. Vitruvi Aromatherapy Diffuser, $97

Scent can play a major role in helping to relax your brain, so why not fill the air with essential oils throughout your home with this minimalist diffuser that doubles as an aesthetically pleasing piece of decor? This one is just as joy-inducing to look at as it is to smell.

Shop now: Vitruvi Aromatherapy Diffuser, $97

27. Cuyana Hexagon Crossbody Bag, $245

We may not be able to jet off to Italy this month, but we can snag a bag from the cobblestoned kingdom of style. This elevated, off-duty shoulder bag is the perfect classic staple to add to your collection.

Shop now: Cuyana Hexagon Crossbody Bag, $245

28. Theragun Mini, $199

Give your muscles a little V-Day love with a percussive therapy deivice. This mini version of the iconic Theragun is the perfect pocket-sized partner to relieve tension all over so that you can truly melt into your evening in.

Shop now: Theragun Mini, $199

29. Equilibria CBD Brilliance Box, $160

There's no time like the present to kickstart your CBD routine, and this box has got everything you need. There are fast-acting dew drops for an instant dose of chill, soft gels that work throughout the day, and a topical CBD-infused cream to ease muscle pain and discomfort.

Shop now: Equilibria CBD Brilliance Box, $160

30. Ethical Kind Organic Peace Silk Pillowcase, $142

To round out our Valentine's Day gift guide, allow us to suggest that you end your V-Day with some queen-worthy ZZZs. This pillowcase is crafted from cruelty-free fabric that protects skin, reduces split ends, and keeps dreaded bed head at bay all while you sleep.

Shop now: Ethical Kind Organic Peace Silk Pillowcase, $142

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