10 Ways to Celebrate Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Photo: Lou & Grey

Valentine's Day is traditionally observed as a holiday meant for lovebirds, leaving the rest of us feeling just a little excluded. As a staunchly single (and happily so) woman, I've learned that the relationship-focused holiday is actually an optimal moment to celebrate the people around me who matter most (namely my best friend) and myself.

Following the tumultuous few years (plus a lifetime before that) womankind has been enduring, the occasion seems fitting for focusing on healing—with a hearty dose of self-care. So, I will not go empty-handed this holiday season just because I'm not one-half of a couple!

I've curated a selection of items that I will be gifting myself this Valentine's Day, and I highly recommend you consider doing the same. Because while receiving gifts from someone else is fun and all, no one really gets you like you do.

See the celebratory Valentine's Day gifts below.

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