Single, Dating, Married? Here’s What Astrologers Say Valentine’s Has in Store for Each Relationship Status

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With the day of love around the corner, you might be wondering what's in store for you this February 14th. And according to astrologers, whether you’re single, dating, or married, your relationship status brings a unique Valentine's Day horoscope this year.

According to astrologer Alex Caiola, the Valentine’s Day planetary placements this year might be especially impactful. “This Valentine's Day is astrologically very special, as Venus and Mars are meeting up in an exact conjunction,” she says. “Venus is representative of love, attraction, and manifestation, and Mars is representative of drive of all kinds, indicating initiation.”

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  • Alex Caiola, astrologer, tarot card reader, and founder of High Priestess of Brooklyn
  • Laura Chung, astrologer, reiki practitioner

This Venus-Mars conjunction is even more significant when you consider that there was a Venus retrograde in Capricorn (a practical and goal-oriented Earth sign) from December 19, 2021, through January 29. The planet’s backward motion in Capricorn encouraged folks to ponder their must-haves in a romantic relationship. So regardless of a person's relationship status, their Valentine’s Day horoscope will likely align with romantic green flags they identified during that time.

Astrologer Laura Chung adds that the Valentine’s Day planetary placements encourage all folks to reflect on their past romantic experiences. Specifically, she adds, people would benefit from asking themselves what relationships have worked for them, which haven’t, and what they'd want to take from each (if anything) into their next romantic connection.

Regardless of your relationship status, though, your Valentine’s Day relationship horoscope will encourage you to consider what you want from your romantic life and to act in a way that assures you’ll get those things from potential or existing suitors. Read on for what to expect.

Your Valentine’s Day horoscope, no matter your relationship status, according to astrologers

Single (but ready to mingle)

According to Caiola, single folks might expect to meet a stable catch this Valentine’s Day, especially if they feel safe mingling. Even if not, you might consider using dating apps—you never know where you’ll find your person.

Since Venus retrograde occurred in Capricorn, Chung adds that single folks might be thinking about how to best structure their romantic relationships for the long-term. Coming out of a Venus retrograde isn’t the time to find flings, says Chung, because such isn't necessarily aligned with goal-oriented Capricorn energy. If you’re single and would like for it to remain that way, though, now might be a good time consider what you want in a lifelong partner so you can reference that when you’re ready.

Because of the cosmic energy on Valentine’s Day, singles might also start to take accountability for their actions in past relationships, says Chung. This’ll be an effort to figure out what they could’ve done better so that they can bring that with them to their next romantic relationship (because, Chung says, Capricorn is also focused on responsibility).

“There's a lot of momentum and potential for people who want to find a committed partner,” says Chung. But that’ll take some intentionality in terms of knowing whom you want surrounding you. (Read: If you know someone’s not a long-term match, you might not want to keep them around.)

In a relationship

The planetary energy on Valentine's Day will help support daters as they make steady plans for the future. “With Venus and Mars in Capricorn, this may be the time to focus on commitments and what you both want long-term,” says Caiola. “This would be the time to talk about marriage—if that’s something you’re interested in—or any other form of long-term commitment.” For instance, perhaps you’ll make plans to travel with the person you’re dating or even entertain the idea of moving in together.

“With Venus and Mars in Capricorn, this may be the time to focus on commitments and what you both want long-term.” —Alex Caiola, astrologer

And whether you're casually or seriously dating someone, Valentine’s Day is also the time to ask a tough question, says Chung. “It’s time to get real: Is this person giving you what you want for the long term or not?” Chung asks. “A lot of people are releasing things that won't allow them to have intimate relationships,” says Chung—and people whose relationship status is “dating” fall squarely into that camp.

For instance, if it’s important to you that your partner has high emotional maturity but you’ve realized that the person you’re dating doesn’t display that, it might be time to part ways or at least seriously consider the future of the relationship. However, if you’ve gotten to know the other party and sense that they’re emotionally mature, it could be worth having a conversation about where things are heading.


This Valentine’s Day, married people may find themselves discussing finances, says Caiola. “This could be the time you solidify sustainable goals, sign a contract, or even put money down on a new home,” she says. “If you’re already there, this could be the time you start a college fund for your kids.” Nevertheless, Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity for married people to get on the same page about finances in an effort to manifest the life they want for themselves.

Chung adds that if folks tied the knot hastily, they might question whether the arrangement actually suits them. “A lot of people are waking up to the fact that the things that gave us security and safety—like a job or a person—those things just don't hold up anymore,” says Chung.

For that reason (and not to sound too gloom and doom), Chung says that married people can expect a significant change—which can be positive or negative. “We live in a dual universe, so it's either going to make people fall more in love or it's going make people who are not in love show that even more.”

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