10 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Are Sexy & Will Heat Things up in the Healthiest Way

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Even if Valentine's Day isn't your favorite holiday of the year, it's still an excuse to ramp up the passion with your partner—and that's never anything to complain about. (The impossible task of scoring a dinner reservation, however, is another story....)

But how, exactly, to elevate your sex game on February 14? Sure, you could try some Kundalini yoga tricks, put maca in your smoothie, or do a libido-boosting meditation. But it also helps to have the right tools on your nightstand and in your closet—ones that'll help send both you and your date into a blissed-out state (without compromising on your wellness-driven high standards).

From organic lingerie to oils and toys guaranteed to get you in the mood fast (sans nasty chemicals), these wellness gifts are sure to make V-day a little bit healthier and a lot hotter.

Scroll down to see 10 Valentine's Day gifts that will help you heat things up—the healthy way.

Photo: Moon Juice

Moon Juice Sex Dust, $30

Add a scoop of this adaptogenic powder to pre-date lattes—one for you, one for your partner—and watch your sexual energy, sensitivity, and stamina fire up in the bedroom. (Or outside of it, if that's what you're into.)

Photo: Good Clean Love

Good Clean Love Cinnamon Vanilla Personal Lubricant, $15.99

Practical matters aside, the calming aroma of this all-natural cinnamon and vanilla lube will help engage all of your senses. 

Photo: Anthropologie

Tyler Knott Gregson Love Notes, $12

Already experienced the power of journaling? Apply it to your relationship, too: Get the sexual suspense started early by leaving one of these scintillating notes on your partner's pillow, sticking one in their bag...you get the picture.

Photo: Monq

Sexy Monq, $20

Filled with patchouli (one of the world's oldest aphrodisiacs) and jasmine (believed to increase desire), this aromatherapy diffuser-cum-vape pen requires just one puff for what the company promises to be an instant turn-on effect.

Photo: Brook There
Photo: Brook There

Brook There Rose Quartz Organic Cotton Lingerie Set, $76

If you're going to invest in a lingerie set, you might as well make it comfortable—and crafted with undercarriage-friendly organic cotton.

Photo: Sustain

Sustain Lubricated Ultra Thin Condoms, $13.99 for 10

This sustainable, fair-trade, latex condom brand also gives back to women's health organizations. That means you'll be feeling good about your purchase in more ways than one.

Photo: Living Libations

Living Libations Radiant Love Butter, $35

Think of this orange, vanilla, and cinnamon-scented balm as the perfect addition to your pre-game party—it'll make your skin super soft and can double as a massage cream. (Bonus: It's edible.)

Photo: Chakrub

Chakrub The Original Heart, $179

Whether you're partnered up or flying solo on Valentine's Day, this rose quartz sex toy is for anyone who's looking for a more heart-opening and high-vibe booty call.

Photo: Zoe Organics

Zoe Organics Intimate Collection Aroma Candle, $28

Candles in the bedroom are a given, but this one is made specifically for getting busy—its luxurious blend of clove and ylang ylang essential oils is an aromatic aphrodisiac.

Photo: Summersdale

The Little Book of Kama Sutra, $9.95

Inspired by the OG guide to crazy-good sex, this modern remake features all the classic poses alongside a few brand-new moves.

Photo: Tata Harper

Tata Harper Love Potion, $42

Have a hard time letting loose between the sheets? This blend of aromatherapy oils is meant to reduce sexual anxiety and tension, while boosting feelings of inner-beauty and confidence.

If you're more into self-love this year, check out these 9 wellness gifts to give yourself for Valentine's Day. While you're at it, give this 20-minute loving kindness meditation a try. 

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