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How To Make Tabitha Brown’s Famous Vegan ‘Deviled Eggs’ With Mushrooms and Pickle Juice

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Creating deviled eggs without the eggs seems downright impossible. It's hard to get the same texture and taste. But leave it to vegan chef Tabitha Brown to figure out a method that's so good you might forget you're not biting into the real deal.

In an Instagram post that's garnered close to a million views, Brown shares how she came up with the unlikely combo of mushrooms and pickles to create vegan deviled eggs. "There's two things I miss being vegan: I miss seafood and I miss a deviled egg," she says. "I had a dream that I made vegan deviled eggs. In my dream, I had used white mushroom caps and stuffed them with an egg-like mixture."

After letting the white mushroom caps sit in pickle juice overnight, Brown stuffs them with a chickpea mixture that includes black salt (which has an egg-like taste), vegan mayo, mustard, and some spices. When she paired the two together, even she was shocked at how much it tasted like actual deviled eggs.

While Brown and her followers have been loving this recipe, they're not the only ones. Even Eva Longoria got in on the fun: "It feels like an egg, it tastes like an egg, and it's vegan," she said in a video. "This changed my life." (Pro tip: If the mushroom caps are floating to the top while marinating in the fridge, Longoria says to turn the jar upside down.) Try making the vegan deviled eggs for yourself using the recipe below.

Tabitha Brown's vegan deviled eggs

White mushroom caps
Leftover pickle juice
Black salt (aka kala namak)
1 can chickpeas
Vegan mayo
Dill weed
Sweet relish
Garlic powder

1. Take the white mushroom caps and put them in leftover pickle juice. Be sure you've removed the stems.
2. Put in a little black salt. Shake it up and leave it in your refrigerator to soak overnight.
3. When you're ready to make your vegan deviled eggs, put the chickpeas in a blender.
4. Blend with a spoonful of vegan mayo.
5. After it's smooth, pour it into a bowl and add a sprinkle of dill weed, a few spoonfuls of sweet relish, mustard (which provides flavor and color), and black salt. Then add a sprinkle of garlic powder.
6. Stir until ingredients are combined.
7. Remove your mushroom caps from the pickle juice and set them on a plate.
8. Stuff the mushroom caps with your chickpea filling.
9. Top with paprika.
10. Enjoy immediately, or refrigerate to allow the filling to firm up.

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