This 5-Ingredient Vegan Strawberry-Banana Ice Cream Satisfies Your Sweetest Sweet Tooth

Photo: Stocksy/Nadine Greeff
Generally, you need a lot of patience and some serious muscle power to make you own ice cream. (Churning is no joke.) But not all frozen treats are so high-maintenance. In fact, this vegan strawberry-banana ice cream can be made in minutes with very little time and effort without sacrificing flavor or texture.

Dan Churchill, co-founder and chef at Charley St in New York City, made a recipe at a Well+Good retreat last year, and it was so good that attendees are still talking about it. And now you can make it right at home. Even though the strawberry and banana ice cream is on par with what you'll find on store shelves, it only contains wholesome ingredients that will keep you feeling good.

"With this dairy-free ice cream recipe, we’re focusing on the beauty of using vegan and gluten-free whole food ingredients to create an ice cream that tastes just as good, if not better, than something loaded with refined sugar and dairy, which can be upsetting for some," says Churchill. "The end result is a hydrating, refreshing, and a fun sweet treat that you'll enjoy all summer long."

To make the vegan ice cream, you simply add all your ingredients to a blender—including strawberries, bananas, coconut milk, and salt—then mix it up until it's fully combined. You can even add in plant-based protein powder or chopped chocolate chunks to make it extra tasty. When your ice cream is just how you like it, pour it into a loaf tin. Then, serve immediately or pop it in the freezer for later. Best summer treat ever or what?

Vegan Strawberry-banana ice cream

1/2 cup coconut milk
2 frozen bananas, broken into chunks
1 cup frozen strawberries
1 pinch of salt
2 servings plant based protein powder (optional)
any add-ins you like (PB for a PB&J theme, chopped chocolate chunks, etc.)

1. Add all ingredients to your blender, starting with the coconut milk.
2. Blend on high until everything is fully combined.
3. Pour into a loaf tin to freeze further, then scoop into a bowl or enjoy right away with toppings.

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